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Vol 7, No 2 (2013): Natura Vocare - Lived Experience and the Ecological Ethic

Table of Contents


Natura Vocare - Lived Experience and the Ecological Ethic Abstract PDF
Patrick Howard, Stephen Smith, Tone Saevi 1-2


“Everywhere you go always take the weather with you”: Phenomenology and the pedagogy of climate change education Abstract PDF
Patrick Howard 3-18
Re-storing the Earth: A Phenomenological Study of Living Sustainably Abstract PDF
Jessica Buckley 19-40
Listening to the Literal: Orientations Towards How Nature Communicates Abstract PDF
Sean Blenkinsop, Laura Piersol 41-60
The Eco-Improvisatory-Theatre of Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenological Narrative Abstract PDF
Bronwyn Preece 61-77
The Ethics of Survival: Responsibility and Sacrifice in Environmental Ethics Abstract PDF
Ilan Safit 78-99

Phenomenological Notes

Encountering the Whole: Remembering Henri Bortoft (1938–2012) Abstract PDF
David Seamon 100-107


A Review of Brendon Larson’s Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability: Redefining our Relationship with Nature Abstract PDF
Kevin Redmond 108-113

ISSN: 1913-4711