CfP: "Worlds out of Words: Language in History"

Multilingual Discourses invites full-length (5000-7500 words) submissions for our upcoming issue,

Worlds out of Words: Language in History.

The second issue of MD aims to explore the history borne by the words that humans continue to speak into the spaces that connect them.

The issue encourages submissions that will look at language as a prism through which our collective histories manifest themselves, deconcealing the past and historicizing the present.

We are interested in contributions that study language in relation to culture within the frame of human temporality, exploring the mechanisms of interaction between language and culture that transform human experience into history. We invite authors working in linguistics, literature, translation, folklore, cultural studies and social theory to submit works for consideration for publication, exploring a range of possible topics, including but not limited to:

  • Language and the Unconscious
  • Human Quest for Coherence
  • Language and Mortality
  • Literature and History
  • Translating Language into History
  • Language, Law, and Order
  • Architecture and the Dead
  • Language, Totality and the Future


Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 15, 2013.

Please submit essays in MLA and docx file format by registering on MultilingualDiscourses web-site


Regarding any questions, e-mail us at

multilingual.discourses@gmail or