Vol 19, No 2 & 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents Volume 19 Issue 2 Abstract PDF
EEI Journal 1
Table of Contents Volume 19 Issue 3 Abstract PDF
EEI Journal 2
Critical Literacy: Deaf Adults Speak Out Abstract PDF
Charlotte Enns 3-20
Parent Perspectives on Inclusive Education in Rural Alberta, Canada Abstract PDF
Tim Loreman, Donna McGhie-Richmond, Jennifer Barber, Judy Lupart 21-36
Inclusion in French Immersion in Canada: One Parent’s Perspective Abstract PDF
Callie Mady, Katy Arnett 37-49
When Your “Problem” Becomes Mine: Adult Female Siblings’ Perspectives of Having a Brother with a Disability Abstract PDF
Michelle N. Pompeo 50-62
Children at Risk for Academic Failure: A Model of Individual and Family Factors Abstract PDF
Laura Quilliams, Tanya Beran 63-76
Outside the Lines: Innovations in Researching Giftedness Abstract PDF
Marion Porath, Pamela Richardson 77-79
Gifted Children’s Representations of Learner Identities Abstract PDF
Marion Porath, Judy Lupart 80-95
Reconsidering the Education of Gifted Young Children Abstract PDF
Yuan Lai 96-110
The Experience of Doing Science with an Artistic Spirit: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study Abstract PDF
Krista Fogel 111-127
The Mbira Metaphor: Inspiring Creative Thinking through Folktale Abstract PDF
Constantine Ngara 128-135
Past Buoy Lines: Exploring Metaphors, Boundaries, and Poetic Possibilities in Giftedness Research Abstract PDF
Pamela Richardson 136-152

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