Call for Abstracts for IJQM Special Issue: Mixed Methods

How Mixed Methods Informs and Enhances Qualitative Research

Much has been written about the usefulness of mixed methods research approaches for addressing complex research needs. It follows that there exists a need for high quality examples that guide, yet encourage innovation for qualitative-focused researchers. This special issue will include manuscripts covering a range of topics pertinent to mixed methods that illustrate its use for informing and enhancing qualitative research. These topics include, but certainly not limited to:
• Conversations that were started at the 2013 Advances in Qualitative Methods (AQM) conference.
• Examples of integrating mixed methods into qualitative research.
• Discussions of current innovations, challenges, and future directions in mixed methods and qualitative research.

Abstracts should be 500-1000 words in length describing the purpose of the manuscript and whether it be a theoretical paper or methodological reflection on empirical research.

Abstracts Due: MARCH 1, 2014
Papers Due: AUGUST 31, 2014

To submit an abstract or for further information please contact or