Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Spaces Between: An Undergraduate Feminist Journal

Spaces Between: An Undergraduate Feminist Journal's inaugural issue. 

Spaces Between is a student-run, student-written, peer reviewed undergraduate journal. This publication is a forum for undergraduate students to publish their work in Women’s and Gender Studies as well as feminist research and writing within other disciplines. Spaces Between is wide in scope: we welcome research and writing that critically engages with gender, sexualities, race, class, (dis)ability, nation, imperialism, (de)colonization, and globalization.

Table of Contents


Embracing the Killjoy: Our Editorial Declaration Abstract PDF Embracing the Killjoy.doc
Danielle Normandeau
Fruit Abstract PDF Fruit
Cara Seccafien
Speak to the Unhappy Girl Abstract Speak to the Unhappy Girl PDF
Cara Seccafien
Such Dreams Abstract PDF Such Dreams
Cara Seccafien
Video Abstract Video PDF
Cara Seccafien
Women's Washroom Abstract PDF Women's Washroom
Cara Seccafien
Women's Washroom II Abstract PDF Women's Washroom II
Cara Seccafien
Artist's Statement Abstract PDF Artist's Statement
Cara Seccafien
Encounters with the Abject: Kiki Smith’s Vulnerable Bodies Abstract Encounters with the Abject PDF
Roxanne Runyon
Talking Dolls: The New Wave Look and Language of Female Subjectivity Abstract PDF Talking Dolls
Adela Burke
Fear of the Other: The Horror Genre in Polanski's Repulsion, The Tenant, and Rosemary's Baby Abstract Fear of the Other PDF
Devon Supeene
Rednecks, Rig Pigs, and Cowboys: Rural Masculinity in Albertan Country Music Abstract Rednecks, Rig Pigs, and Cowboys PDF
Brenna Ward
Lad Mags and Their Contribution to Rape Culture Abstract Lad Mags PDF
Lily Le
Suiting Up and Stripping Down: the Changing Face of (American) Hegemonic Masculinity Abstract PDF Suiting Up
Emily Friedrich
Paradoxical Outcomes of Crisis in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God Abstract PDF Paradoxical Outcomes
Megan Elizabeth Schaub
“The center figure in a ménage à trios”: An Ecofeminist Reading of Sexuality Abstract Ecofeminist Reading PDF
Tia Lalani
Fed Up With Split Subject-Hood: Redeeming Size Acceptance Abstract Fed Up PDF
Amanda Coleman
Stranger Abstract Stranger PDF
Bethany Zelent
Thoughts of my Hands Abstract PDF Thoughts of my Hands
Ann Salmonson