Vol 2 (2014)

Spaces Between: An Undergraduate Feminist Journal

Table of Contents


Vulnerability as Strength Abstract PDF
Danielle Normandeau
Alberta Man 2011- drawing on canvas Abstract PDF
Kathryn Dutchak
Narrating Multiculturalism: Understanding Nationalism through the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Abstract PDF
Brett Cassady Willes
Decolonising Motherhood Abstract PDF
Miranda Leibel
The Importance of Whaling in Makah Culture: Self Determination and Cultural Continuity Abstract PDF
Kenzie Bunting
Fuck The Kids! Abstract PDF
Amina Mohamed
Queering Self-Care: Reimagining The Radical Possibilities of Self-Care In Healing From Sexual Assault Abstract PDF
Emily Dutton
Welcome to Womanhood; Check Your Dignity at the Door Abstract PDF
Bethany Zelent
My Waist Size Does Not Determine My Self Worth Abstract PDF
Sarah Murphy
The Plus Side: Understanding My Fatness Abstract PDF
Courtney Cliff
Abundantly Invisible: Fat Oppression as a Framework for Sexual Violence Against Women Abstract PDF
Melissa Fabrizio
Reclaiming Gay Male Bodies: Fat Positivity, Sex, and Masculinity in the Bear Community Abstract PDF
Billy-Ray Belcourt
Mutations of Gender, Genre and the British Home in "The Servant" and "Orlando" Abstract PDF
Caroline Ford
Who Was Really #StandingWithWendy? A content analysis of Canadian and American online news coverage of Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster of Senate Bill 5 in the Texas Legislature Abstract PDF
Blair Wade
"Come, The Longest Sword Carries Her”: Constructions of Masculinity in Aphra Behn’s The Rover Abstract PDF
Willow White
Acknowledgments Abstract PDF
Spaces Between