Vol 15 (2009)

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Maxwell Zhira


“We Want Pictures so Kodak as You Go”: Promoting Winter Recreation in Banff in the 1920s Abstract PDF
Lauren Wheeler
The Rules of Red River: The Council of Assiniboia and its Impact on the Colony, 1820-1869 Abstract PDF
Nelly Laudicina
Seattle in the 1960s: Music, Identity, and the Struggle for Civil Rights Abstract PDF
Rylan Kafara
“I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before…But What Was it Called?”: Changes to Street Names in Budapest from the End of Turkish Rule to the Present Abstract PDF
Eva Bodnar
Political Memoirs, Myth, Policy, and the Wars of Yugoslav Secession Abstract PDF
Cameron Whitehead
The Katyn Case in Russian-Language WebPages Abstract PDF
Mariya Melentyeva
“I Die, I Take It, For Maintaining the Fifth Commandment”: Patriarchy and the Last Dying Speeches of Royalists and Regicides Abstract PDF
Sara Siona Régnier-McKellar
The Mexican Imperial Dream: The Role of the State, the Civilian and Institutions of Tenochtitlan Abstract PDF
Lindsay C Sidders Hodgins
The Evolution of the Roman Calendar Abstract PDF
Dwayne Meisner
Troop Withdrawals from Europe: Cold War American Foreign Policy and Military Strategy Abstract PDF
Allen Pietrobon
New Frontiers of Knowledge: Science and Technology in the Late 1950s American Cold War Propaganda Abstract PDF
Trevor Rockwell
The French Revolution and the Discourse of Change in Restoration France and Post-1815 England Abstract PDF
Mathieu Robitaille

Book Reviews

Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Plague and the Athenian Imagination: Drama, History and the Cult of Asklepius PDF
Melody E McIntyre
Thavolia Glymphm, Out of the House of Bondage: The Transformation of the Plantation Household PDF
Sean Graham
Christina Twomey, Australia’s Forgotten Prisoners: Civilians Interned by the Japanese in World War Two PDF
Jonathan Henshaw
Waldemar Heckel, The Conquests of Alexander the Great PDF
Tarah Csaszar
Niketas Siniossoglou, Plato and Theodoret: The Christian Appropriation of Platonic Philosophy and the Hellenic Intellectual Resistance PDF
Shawna Ritchie
Stephanie Budin, The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity PDF
Kiara Beaulieu
Max and Monique Nemni, Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944 PDF
Trevor Tovell
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