Vol 12 (2006)

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Divided Once More: Social Memory and the Canadian Conscription Crisis of the First World War PDF
Andrew Theobald
"A Firm Referee that Will Make Both Sides Adhere by the Rules": Gentlemanly Status and Hockey Referee in Edmonton Alberta,1893-1907 PDF
Peter Fortna
Hybrid Historiography:Pre- and Post-Conquest Latin America and Perceptions of the Past PDF
Carolyn Salomons
Aurelian's Bellum Monetariorum: An Examination PDF
Charles Patrick MacMillan Conway
The Molding of the Rising Generation: Soviet Propoganda and the Hero-Myth of Iurii Gagrin PDF
Trevor Rockwell
Stumbling Towards War: The Soviet Decision to Invade Afghanistan PDF
Matt W Wolf

"Inner Sanctums, Outer Spaces" Medieval and Early Modern Institute Graduate Conference

The Relationship Between Ritual and Space at the Neonian Batistery of Ravenna PDF
Weiss Jessica
The Flesh Made Word: Margery Kempe's Experiential Feminine Christianity PDF
Shawna Geissler

History and Classics Graduate Student Conference

Sic Semper Fidelis and Tempus Fugit: American Military Nationalism and the European Theatre of the Second World War PDF
Chris A Sinal

Book Reviews

Book Forum on Kerry Abel, Drum Songs: Glimpses of Dene History. Second Edition. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's Press, 2005. PDF
Christopher AJL Little, Matt Dyce, Sadie Donovan, Kerry Abel
Robert Nemes. The Once and Future Budapest. Dekalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 2005. PDF
Eva Bodnar
Martine J. Reid. Paddling to Where I Stand: Agnes Alfred, Qwiqwasutinuxw Noblewoman. Translated by Daisy Sewid Smith. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2004. PDF
Rebecca Shorten
Contributors PDF
Editorial Board PDF

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