Vol 3 (1994)

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Editor's Note PDF
Philip Massolin


Party-Komsomol Relations in the Soviet Military, 1918-1924 Abstract PDF
Andrew Juricic
The Numbered Treaties: Similar Means to Dichotomous Ends Abstract PDF
Derek Whitehouse
Empty Air: Ezra Pound's World War Two Radio Broadcasts Abstract PDF
Gibran van Ert
The Response of the Church of England to Economic and Demographic Change: the Diocese of Chester, 1818-1851 Abstract PDF
Brian Gobbett
Sinking in Quicksand: The Demise of Victorian High Culture in America 1870-1915 Abstract PDF
Mitra Sharafi
The Development of United States Government Policy Toward Indian Health Care, 1850-1900 Abstract PDF
Christine Massing
Sacred Ground: The Liberation of Alsace-Lorraine, 1944-1946 Abstract PDF
Serge Cipko
Contributors PDF
Editorial Board PDF

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