Multilingual Discourses, the MLCS Graduate Students’ Journal, invites authors working in linguistics, literature, translation, folklore, and cultural studies to submit works for publication.

Multilingual Discourses is a peer-reviewed journal established and run primarily by graduate students at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. Its aim is to support multidisciplinary research exchange amongst graduate students in different areas such as cultural studies, linguistics, literature, translation and more.

Although publications from academics are highly appreciated, as our main audience we see the graduate research community, and invite works that address and share its interests.

Possible topics can be based but not limited to the concepts of politics of languages, meaning across cultures, subject and object relationship, discourses of power and meaning, concepts of gender and minority, questions of memory, literature, narratology, cultural studies etc.

All submitted manuscripts will be refereed by at least two reviewers – one reviewer working in the area of studies the article addresses, and one – outside the area.

• The authors should ensure that the paper they submit to the Multilingual Discourses has not been previously published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration by another journal or publisher. If the author is willing to submit a translated and/or reworked paper that has been previously published in another language, they should contact the editors directly.

• The text of the manuscript, including footnotes, bibliography and all appendices should follow the MLA citation style. For further notice, please consult the most current MLA guide.

• All files should be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF document file format. The text of manuscript is double-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics if needed and uses underlining only for the URL addresses.

• All illustrations, figures, and tables should be placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.  All visual information of the manuscript, such as images, videos and other quoted material must comply with fair-dealing in Canada.

• Following the ethics of the blind peer review process, the author's name and surname should be removed from the text of the manuscript and the names of all files.  Information about the author should be provided in the separate cover letter submitted together with the manuscript.

The papers have to be submitted through the Open Journal System on the Journal’s web-page. For details, please see the Authors Guidelines.

The deadline for submission is March 23