Vol 9 (2009)

Volume 9

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Priestly Power that Empowers: Michel Foucault, Middle-tier Levites, and the Sociology of “Popular Religious Groups” in Israel Abstract PDF
Mark A. Christian
In Search of the Seventy ‘Weeks’ of Daniel 9 Abstract PDF
George Athas
Arguing under the Qiqayon: An Introduction to a Set of Articles on Jonah Abstract PDF
Philippe Guillaume
Eternal Delight and Deliciousness: The Book of Jonah After Ten Years Abstract PDF
Thomas M. Bolin
Jonah 4:11 and the Metaprophetic Character of the Book of Jonah Abstract PDF
Ehud Ben Zvi
Rhetorical Reading Redundant: A Response to Ehud Ben Zvi Abstract PDF
Philippe Guillaume
A Prophetic Reflection on Divine Forgiveness: The Integration of the Book of Jonah into the Book of the Twelve Abstract PDF
Jakob Wöhrle
Jonah, Nahum, and the Book of the Twelve: A Response to Jakob Wöhrle Abstract PDF
Klaas Spronk
The Intertextual Israelite Jonah Face À L’empire: The Post-Colonial Significance of The Book’s Cotexts and Purported Neo-Assyrian Context Abstract PDF
Daniel Timmer
Suspense and Anticipation in 1 Samuel 9:1–14 Abstract PDF
Rachelle Gilmour
In Conversation with Steven Schweitzer, Reading Utopia in Chronicles (LHBOTS, 442; London: T. & T. Clark International, 2007) Abstract PDF
Mark J. Boda, Matthew Forrest Lowe, Roland Boer, Steven Schweitzer
Psalm 29 as Semiotic System: A Linguistic Reading Abstract PDF
James M. Kennedy
The Contested History of a Book: The German Bible of the Later Middle Ages and Reformation in Legend, Ideology, and Scholarship Abstract PDF
Andrew C. Gow
The Ascription of Physical Disability as a Stigmatizing Strategy in Biblical Iconic Polemics Abstract PDF
Saul M. Olyan
God-Talk for a Disillusioned Pilgrim in Psalm 121 Abstract PDF
Bob Becking
Lamentations 5: The Seventh Acrostic Abstract PDF
Philippe Guillaume
In Conversation With Thomas Römer, The So-Called Deuteronomistic History: A Sociological, Historical And Literary Introduction (London: T. & T. Clark, 2005) Abstract PDF
Raymond F. Person Jr., Richard D. Nelson, Steven L. McKenzie, Eckart Otto, Yairah Amit, Thomas Römer
Observations on Judah’s Social and Economic History and the Dating of the Laws in Deuteronomy Abstract PDF
Ernst Axel Knauf
אני ולבי - The Syntactic Encoding of the Collaborative Nature of Qohelet's Experiment Abstract PDF
Robert D. Holmstedt
Persian Period Finds from Jerusalem: Facts and Interpretations Abstract PDF
Oded Lipschits
Intrusion of Ptolemaic Reality on Cultic Practices in Qoh 4:17 Abstract PDF
Aron Pinker
To See or Not To See. The Polysemy of the Word עין in the Isaac Narratives (Gen 17-35) Abstract PDF
Karolien Vermeulen
A Perfectly Broken Acrostic in Nahum 1? Abstract PDF
Thomas Renz
Persian Period Jerusalem and Yehud: A Rejoinder Abstract PDF
Israel Finkelstein
Multivocality in Group Speech in Biblical Narrative Abstract PDF
George Savran
A Response to G. Aichelle, P. Miscall and R. Walsh, “An Elephant in the Room: Historical-Critical and the Postmodern Interpretations of the Bible” Abstract PDF
John Van Seters


Review of Othmar Keel, Die Geschichte Jerusalems und die Entstehung des Monotheismus Abstract HTML
Bob Becking
Review of Nathan MacDonald, Not Bread Alone: The Uses of Food in the Old Testament Abstract HTML
Peter Altmann
Review of E. A. Knauf, Josua Abstract HTML
Philippe Guillaume
Review of D. Ellens, Women and the Sex Texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy Abstract HTML
Ellen White
Review of J. Kaminsky, I Loved Jacob Abstract HTML
Dale Patrick
Review of Dell, Opening the Old Testament Abstract HTML
Cristian Rata
Review of Falk, The Parabiblical Texts Abstract HTML
Eileen Schuller
Review of J. Goldingay Psalms Vol. 2 Abstract HTML
J. Clinton McCann, Jr.
Review of W. Loader, Enoch, Levi, and Jubilees on Sexuality Abstract HTML
David M. Miller
Bloch, review of Schwartz, 2 Maccabees Abstract HTML
René Bloch
Philip R. Davies, The Origins of Biblical Israel Abstract HTML
Paul S. Evans
Review of G. Knoppers and B.M Levinson, The Pentateuch as Torah Abstract HTML
David A. Bosworth
Review of R.J.R. Plant, Good Figs Bad Figs Abstract HTML
Kathleen M. O'Connor
Review of D. Goodblatt, Elements of Ancient Jewish Nationalism Abstract HTML
Adam L. Porter
Review of M.T. Davis and B.A. Strawn, Qumran Studies Abstract HTML
Kenneth Atkinson
Review of A. Berlin, The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism (Revised and expanded edition) Abstract HTML
Mary Wang
Review of M. Carasik, Theologies of the Mind Abstract HTML
Dan Epp-Tiessen
Review of W.R. Tate, Biblical Interpretation Abstract HTML
Ellen White
Review of G. Hens-Piazza, 1-2 Kings Abstract HTML
Lissa Wray Beal
Review of S. Olyan, Disability in the Hebrew Bible Abstract HTML
Michael M. Homan
Review of Miriam von Nordheim, Geboren von der Morgenröte? Psalm 110 in Tradition, Redaktion und Rezeption Abstract HTML
Ernst Axel Knauf
Review of Gideon Bohak, Ancient Jewish Magic Abstract HTML
Scott Noegel
Review of R.L. Foster and D.M. Howard, My Words are Lovely Abstract HTML
Mary L. Conway
Review of B.Becking and E. Peels, Psalms and Prayers Abstract HTML
John Goldingay
Review of R. Burnette-Bletsch, Studying the Old Testament Abstract HTML
Heather Macumber
Review of Raymond de Hoop, Marjo C.A. Korpel, and Stanley E. Porter (eds.), The Impact of Unit Delimitation on Exegesis Abstract HTML
Matthias Hopf
Siedlecki, review of Leuenberger rev version Abstract HTML
Armin Siedlecki
Review of S.L. McKenzie and J. Kaltner, The Old Testament Abstract HTML
Barbara Green
Review of M. S. Gignilliat, Karl Barth and the Fifth Gospel: Barth's Theological Exegesis of Isaiah Abstract HTML
Dustin Resch
Review of BibleWorks 8 Abstract HTML
Scott N. Callaham
Review of L. L. Lyke, I Will Espouse You Forever: The Song of Songs and the Theology of Love in the Hebrew Bible Abstract HTML
Jennifer Pfenniger
Review of A. P. Jassen,Mediating the Divine: Prophecy and Revelation in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Second Temple Judaism Abstract HTML
Cecilia Wassén
Review of K. Schifferdecker,Out of the Whirlwind: Creation Theology in the Book of Job Abstract HTML
David J. H. Beldman
Review of L. K. Handy, Jonah's World: Social Science and the Reading of Prophetic Story Abstract HTML
Philippe Guillaume
Review of A. van der Deijl, Protest or Propaganda Abstract HTML
Paul Evans
Review of P. Jenson, Obadiah, Jonah, and Micah: A Theological Commentary Abstract HTML
Colin M. Toffelmire
Review of George J. Brooke and Thomas Römer, eds., Ancient and Modern Scriptural Historiography - L'historiographie biblique, ancienne et moderne Abstract HTML
Dan Pioske
Review of Judith Gärtner, Jesaja 66 und Sacharja 14 als Summe der Prophetie: Eine traditions- und redaktionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung zum Abschluss des Jesaja- und des Zwölfprophetenbuches Abstract HTML
Jakob Wöhrle
Review of Volker Haarmann, JHWH-Verehrer der Völker: Die Hinwendung von Nichtisraeliten zum Gott Israels in alttestamentlichen Überlieferungen Abstract HTML
Christina Ehring
Review of Peter Weimar, Studien zur Priesterschrift Abstract HTML
Christophe Nihan
Review of Sven Petry, Die Entgrenzung JHWHs: Monolatrie, Bilderverbot und Monotheismus im Deuteronomium, in Deuterojesaja und im Ezechielbuch Abstract HTML
Nathan MacDonald
Review of Anders Runesson, Donald D. Binder, and Birger Olsson, The Ancient Synagogue from its Origins to 200 C.E. A Source Book Abstract HTML
René Bloch
Review of Baruch J. Schwartz, et al (eds.). Perspectives on Purity and Purification in the Bible Abstract HTML
Hannah K. Harrington
Review of V. Ber, The Hebrew Verb HYH Abstract HTML
Roy L. Heller
Review of Konrad Schmid, Literaturgeschichte des Alten Testaments Abstract HTML
Paul L. Redditt
Review of J.L. Berquist and C.V. Camp, Constuctions of Space II Abstract HTML
Jeremiah Cataldo
Review of S. Moughtin-Mumby. Sexual and Marital Metaphors Abstract HTML
Jason Gile
Review of G. Boccaccini, Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man Abstract HTML
Michael Allen Daise
Peter Riede, Vom Erbarmen zum Gericht: Die Visionen des Amosbuches (Am 7-9*) und ihr literatur- und traditionsgeschichtlicher Zusammenhang Abstract HTML
Uwe Becker
Review of Natalio Fernández Marcos, Septuaginta:La Biblia griega de judíos y cristianos Abstract HTML
Jason T. Parry, Peter J. Gentry
Review of Hans-Peter Mathys, Das Astarte-Quadrat Abstract HTML
René Schurte
Review of Thomas Römer (ed.), The Books of Leviticus and Numbers Abstract HTML
Viktor Golinets
Review of R.Müller, Königtum und Gottesherrschaft Abstract HTML
Jeremy M. Hutton
Review of Markus Witte, et al (eds). Die deuteronomistischen Geschichtswerke: Redaktions- und religionsgeschichtliche Perspektiven zur “Deuteronomismus”-Diskussion in Tora und Vorderen Propheten Abstract HTML
Jeremy M. Hutton
Stokes, Rev of Becking & Human _Exile and Suffering_ Abstract HTML
Adam Oliver Stokes
Rev of H. Løland, Silent or Salient Gender? Abstract HTML
Elaine James
Review of A.R. Angel, Chaos and the Son of Man Abstract HTML
Beth M. Stovell
Review of J.K. Bruckner, Exodus Abstract HTML
Thomas B. Dozeman
Review of M. J. Gorman, Elements of Biblical Exegesis Abstract HTML
Nathan Patrick Love
Review of Shalom Paul, Isaiah 40-66: Introduction and Commentary Abstract HTML
Igal German
Review of Étan Levine, Marital Relations in Ancient Judaism Abstract HTML
Michael Allen Daise
Review of A. Kalmanofsky, Terror All Around Abstract HTML
Joel Barker
Review of U. Berges, Jesaja 40-48 Abstract HTML
Edgar Kellenberger
Review of S.W. Crawford, Rewriting Scripture Abstract HTML
Andrew B. Perrin
Review of E.R. Hayes, Pragmatics of Perception Abstract HTML
John F. Hobbins
Review of K. E. Pomykala, Israel in the Wilderness: Interpretations of the Biblical Narratives in Jewish and Christian Traditions Abstract HTML
Daniel A. Machiela
Review of I.C. Werrett, Ritual Purity Abstract HTML
Casey A. Toews
Review of Angel, Hayyim J., Revealed Texts, Hidden Meanings. Finding the Religious Significance of the Tanakh Abstract HTML
Ehud Ben Zvi
Review of Stuckenbruck, Loren T., Stephen C. Barton and Benjamin G. Wold (eds), Memory in the Bible and Antiquity: The Fifth Durham-Tübingen Research Symposium (Durham, September 2004) Abstract HTML
Ehud Ben Zvi
Review of Unterman, Y., Nehama Leibowitz: Teacher and Bible Scholar Abstract HTML
Igal German
Review of J. S. Baden, J, E, and the Redaction of the Pentateuch Abstract HTML
Jeffrey Stackert
Review of J. Ebach, Genesis 37–50 Abstract HTML
Christian Metzenthin
Review of H. M. Barstad, History and the Hebrew Bible Abstract HTML
Dan Pioske
Review of A. Berlejung and B. Janowski, eds., Tod und Jenseits im alten Israel und in seiner Umwelt Abstract HTML
Joachim Vette
Review of Schneider, Mothers of Promise Abstract HTML
Lissa M. Wray Beal
Review of Hamori, "When Gods Were Men" Abstract HTML
David E. S. Stein
Review of J.J. Niehaus, Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology Abstract HTML
Krzysztof J. Baranowski
Review of K.L. Madigan and J.D. Levenson, Resurrection Abstract HTML
Dan Clanton Jr.
Review of S. Sink, The Art of the Saint John's Bible Abstract HTML
Dan Clanton
Review of W.M. Schniedewind, A Primer on Ugaritic Abstract HTML
M. E. J. Richardson
Review of S. Dalley, Esther’s Revenge at Susa: From Sennacherib to Ahasuerus Abstract HTML
Alan Lenzi

ISSN: 1203-1542