Vol 1 (1997)

Volume 1

Table of Contents


A Specific Application of the Proverb in Ecclesiastes 1:15 Abstract PDF
Bernon Lee
Loose Canons: Reflections on the Formation of the Hebrew Bible PDF
Philip R. Davies
What Happens in Qohelet 4:13–16 PDF
Michael V. Fox
The Conquest of Power: Analysis of David and Solomon's Accession Histories PDF
Caetano Minette de Tillesse
Conversation Analysis and the Book of Jonah: A Conversation PDF
Cynthia L. Miller, Kenneth M. Craig Jr., Raymond F. Person Jr.
Text - Reader - Author: Towards a Theory of Exegesis: Some European Viewpoints Abstract PDF
Helmut Utzschneider

ISSN: 1203-1542