Vol 3 (2001)

Volume 3

Table of Contents


Oil, Crowns and Thrones: Prophet, Priest and King in Zechariah 1:7–6:15 Abstract PDF
Mark J. Boda
Nehemiah 9–10: Structure and Significance Abstract PDF
Tamara Cohn Eskenazi
Delimiting the Contours of Israel in Ezek 12:21–25 and 12:26–28 Abstract PDF
Silvio Sergio Scatolini
Unveiling the Versions: The Tactics of Tamar in Genesis 38:15 Abstract PDF
John R. Huddlestun
Hebrew Linguistics and Biblical Criticism: A Minimalist Programme Abstract PDF
Vincent De Caën
A Metaphorical Etiology in Judges 18:12 Abstract PDF
Uwe F. W. Bauer
“Great Among His Brothers,” But Who Is He? Heterogeneity in the Composition of Judah Abstract PDF
Gary N. Knoppers
Erasmus’ Commentary on Psalm 2 Abstract PDF
Allan K. Jenkins
Towards a New History of Israel Abstract PDF
Jan-Wim Wesselius
On The Problems of Reconstructing Pre-Hellenistic Israelite (Palestinian) History Abstract PDF
Niels Peter Lemche


Review of Adele Berlin, JPS Torah Commentary: Esther. HTML
Scott B. Noegel
Review of R. L. Cohn, 2 Kings HTML
Bob Becking
Review of R. L. Schultz, The Search for Quotation: Verbal Parallels in the Prophets HTML
Mark Boda
William H. U. Anderson
Review of L. Daniel Hawk, Joshua HTML
Uwe F. W. Bauer
Review of John F. Kutsko, Between Heaven and Earth: Divine Presence and Absence in the Book of Ezekiel HTML
Margaret S. Odell
Review of Harry P. Nasuti, Defining the Sacred Songs: Genre, Tradition and the Post-Critical Interpretation of the Psalms HTML
Mark Boda
Review of Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History HTML
Joel Thomas Walker
Review of J. L. Kugel, The Bible as It Was HTML
J. Edward Wright
Review of Meir Sternberg, Hebrews Between Cultures: Group Portraits and National Literature HTML
Francis Landy
Comparative Review of Winfred P. Lehmann, et al. and Jacques B. Doukhan HTML
Galia Hatav
Review of Tammi J. Schneider, Judges HTML
Yair Hoffman
Review of Howard Clark Kee et al., Evolution of the Synagogue: Problems and Progress HTML
Paul V. M. Flesher
Review of Jean-Marie Husser, Dreams and Dream Narratives in the Biblical World HTML
Scott B. Noegel
Review of Frederick E. Greenspahn, An Introduction to Aramaic HTML
Scott B. Noegel
Review of Black, et al, eds., A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian HTML
Scott B. Noegel
Review of T. Abusch and Karel van der Toorn, eds., Mesopotamian Magic: Textual, Historical, and Interpretive Perspectives HTML
Scott Noegel
Review of Martin Hengel and C. K. Barrett, Conflicts and Challenges in Early Christianity HTML
John W. Vest
Review of Uriel Simon, Jonah HTML
Scott B. Noegel
Review of The JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh HTML
Scott Noegel
Review of Jiri Prosecky, Intellectual Life in the Ancient Near East HTML
Scott B. Noegel
Review of Marc vand de Mieroop, Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History HTML
Scott Noegel

ISSN: 1203-1542