Vol 2, No 1 (2011)

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Eureka: A beacon for undergraduate research PDF
Christopher R Madan 1


The evolving role of the pharmacist and why you should be one PDF
Patrick Jones 2-3
Choosing graduate studies PDF
Branden Teitge 4-5
How donated blood is tested: An interview with Canadian Blood Services PDF
Eureka Team 6-8

Published Abstracts

Biofeedback as a Physiological Treatment for Traumatic Psychological Injuries PDF
Lauren Alston 9
Self-assessment and observer rating of empathetic communication in pharmacy students PDF
Enoch Ng, Lisa M Guirguis 10


Sterol Chemical Structure and Conformation Influence the Thermotropic Phase Behaviour of Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine Bilayers Abstract PDF
Matthew G.K. Benesch, David A. Mannock, Ronald N. McElhaney 11-23
IR Motion Tracking as a Standard Input Device Abstract PDF
Michael Cimolini 24-27
Inability of Viral Superantigens to Induce CD4-mediated Islet Transplant Rejection Abstract PDF
Peter Ciechanowski 28-34
Zeno paradox: A relativistic approach to solution Abstract PDF
Matías A.O. Quiroga 35-36


Organic Amnesia: A Diversity in Deficits Abstract PDF
Christopher R Madan 37-42
The Biggest Bugs: An investigation into the factors controlling the maximum size of insects Abstract PDF
Delyle Polet 43-46

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