Vol 4, No 1 (2014)

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Research is a Journey of Self-Discovery Abstract PDF
Christopher R. Madan 1


A student experience in neurosurgery: How summer research can equate to much more than a publication Abstract PDF
Mitchell P. Wilson 2-3
Women in Research Abstract PDF
Helena Zakrzewski, Yvonne Y. Chen 4-6
Understanding Life in Academia: A Guide for Inspired Undergraduates Abstract PDF
Christopher R. Madan 7-8

Published Abstracts

Development of an Ungulate Mammalian Hair Key Abstract PDF
Patrick Jones, Sofie Sfez, Peter T. Knamiller 9


Candle in the Wind: Goodbye Fossil Abstract PDF
Eireen Ng Wong Hing 10-12
Determining a Relation between X-ray Luminosity and Orbital Period of X-ray Binaries Abstract PDF
Tyler Naffin 13-18
A Brick-Sorting LEGO Robot Abstract PDF
Arturo Pérez, Michael R. W. Dawson 19-23
Giant Steps In The Interpretation Of A Musical PDP Network Abstract PDF
Joshua Hathaway, Michael R. W. Dawson 24-29
BroilerBreak!: Partitioning ME in Broiler Breeders Abstract PDF
Airell G. C. DesLauriers, Martin J. Zuidhof, Valerie Carney, Brenda L. Schneider 30-34
Rainbow on a Chip: Experimental Observation of the Trapped Rainbow Effect Using Tapered Hollow Bragg Waveguides Abstract PDF
Aaron Melnyk 35-39
An Introduction to Golay Complementary Sequences Abstract PDF
Elana Kalashnikov 40-48
Examining Eating Habits of Undergraduate Psychology Students Abstract PDF
Wendy Salvisberg, Peter Tom, Sandra Ziolkowski 49-56


A Science of Evil: An Exploration into Terror Management Theory, and a Psychoanalytic Theory of Extremism Abstract PDF
Sayeed Devraj-Kizuk 57-66

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