Vol 21, No 2 & 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents Volume 21 Issue 2 Abstract
EEI Journal 1
Critical Issues in School Transition for Children and their Families Abstract
Hariclia Harriet Petrakos 2-4
Rethinking School Readiness Abstract
Dale C. Farran 5-15
School Readiness for Gifted Children: Considering the Issues Abstract
Marion Porath 16-28
Impact of Impairment on Children with Special Needs at School Entry: Comparison of School Readiness Outcomes in Canada, Australia, and Mexico Abstract
Magdalena Janus 29-44
Starting School with Special Needs: Issues for Families with Complex Support Needs as Their Children Start School Abstract
Sue Dockett, Bob Perry, Emma Kearney 45-61
Parents’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Transition Practices in Kindergarten Abstract
Hariclia Harriet Petrakos, Joanne Shari Lehrer 62-73
Parent and Child Perceptions of Grade One Children’s Out of School Play Abstract
Joanne Shari Lehrer, Hariclia Harriet Petrakos 74-92
Table of Contents Volume 21 Issue 3 Abstract
EEI Journal 1
Bullying and Victimization among Students in Special Education and General Education Curricula Abstract
Chad A. Rose, Dorothy L. Espelage, Steven R. Aragon, John Elliott 2-14
Practices Adopted by Parents of Children with Dysphasia in Inclusive Primary School Abstract
France Beauregard 15-33
The Relevance of Cultural Sensitivity in Early Intervention Abstract
Emily Gardiner, Carmel French 34-49
The Sentiments, Attitudes, and Concerns about Inclusive Education Revised (SACIE-R) Scale for Measuring Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions about Inclusion Abstract
Chris Forlin, Chris Earle, Tim Loreman, Umesh Sharma 50-65
Considering Coherence: Teacher Perceptions of the Competing Agendas of RTI and an Existing Special Education Model Abstract
Angela Pyle 66-81

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