Vol 39, No 3-4 (2012)


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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Crises and trends: Mortality in historical perspective PDF
Alain Gagnon 1-7


Delayed measles mortality among exposed children who survived the epidemic of 1714–15 in New France Abstract PDF
Ryan Mazan 9-22
Adult mortality in preindustrial Quebec Abstract PDF
Claudine Lacroix, Bertrand Desjardins 23-33
An exploration of the effects of pandemic influenza on infant mortality in Toronto, 1917–1921 Abstract PDF
Stacey Hallman 35-48
Deadly occupations: Assessing tuberculosis and accidental mortality among male workers in Sydney and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, 1909–1917 Abstract PDF
Natalie C. Ludlow, Stacie D.A. Burke 49-66
Survival advantage of siblings and spouses of centenarians in 20th-century Quebec Abstract PDF
Valérie Jarry, Alain Gagnon, Robert Bourbeau 67-78
Regional disparities in Canadian adult and old-age mortality: A comparative study based on smoothed mortality ratio surfaces and age at death distributions Abstract PDF
Nadine Ouellette, Robert Bourbeau, Carlo G. Camarda 79-106
A geographic information system for the study of past epidemics: The 1705 epidemic in Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhône, France) Abstract PDF
Isabelle Séguy, Nicolas Bernigaud, Arnaud Bringé, Michel Signoli, Stéfan Tzortzis 107-122

Book Reviews

Ethnicity and Integration PDF
Ann H. Kim 123-124
The Plundered Planet: Why We Must—and How We Can— Manage Nature for Global Prosperity PDF
Donald Spady 125-126
International Differences in Well-Being PDF
Rick Szostak 127-128
The Great Migration: Rural-Urban Migration in China and Indonesia PDF
Zongli Tang 129-130
Pioneers of European Integration: Citizenship and Mobility in the EU PDF
Mikael Hellstrom 131-132
Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age PDF
Barbara A. Mitchell 133-134
Reconceiving the Second Sex: Men, Masculinity and Reproduction PDF
Gillian Ranson 135-136
Migration and Mobility in Europe: Trends, Patterns, and Control PDF
Alan Simmons 137-138
Sex and War: How Biology Explains Warfare and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World PDF
Paul Rutherford 139-141
China’s Longest Campaign: Birth Planning in the People’s Republic, 1949–2005 PDF
Quanbao Jiang 142-144

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Reviewers for Volume 39 PDF

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