Vol:8 No. (1981)

Table of Contents


"ROOTS", or How A Population Forgets Its Past PDF
Ansley Coale, James Trussell 1 - 25
Out-migration, fertility, mortality and natural increase during the demographic transition PDf
Richard J. Harris, John Hedderson 27 - 40
Estimation of early childhood mortality from children ever born and surviving PDF
Ita I. Ekanem 42 - 48
Sons of immigrants' earnings: Canada and the United States PDF
William L. Marr 49 - 55
Education and migration among Nova Scotia youth: some sex differences PDF
Helen Ralston 57 - 80
The social bases of neonatal and postneonatal mortality: an ecological analysis of Alberta, Canada PDF
Susan A. McDaniel 81 - 92
The Origins of the fertility transition in rural Japan PDF
Carl Mosk 93 - 110

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