Vol:21 No.2 (1994)

Table of Contents


Self-employment among Immigrants: A Test of the Blocked Mobility Hypothesis PDF
Roderic Beaujot, Paul S. Maxim, John Z. Zhao 81 - 96
Why Immigration Occurred: Chinese Immigrants to Edmonton PDF
Yihua Lin-Yuan, Leszek A. Kosinki 97 - 116
On the Application of a Model of Mortality PDF
S. Mitra, Clark Denny 117 - 132
Testing the Deathdip and Deathrise Hypothesis: Ohio Mortality Results, 1989-1991 PDF
Ira Wasserman, Steven Stack 133 - 148
Most Recent Birth Intervals in a Traditional Society: A Life Table and Hazards Regression Analysis PDF
Dilip C. Nath, Kenneth C. Land, Kaushalendra K. Singh, Pijush K. Talukdar 149 - 164

Research Note

Reflection on Population Forecasting: From Prediction to Prospective Analysis PDF
Romaniuc Anatole 165 - 180
Enid Charles: One Hundred Years 1894- 1972- 1994 PDF
Sylvia T. Wargon 181 - 185

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