Vol:20 No.1 (1993)

Table of Contents


The Seasonality of Births in Canada and the Provinces, 1881-1989: Theory and Analysis PDF
Frank Trovato, Dave Odynak 1 - 41
The Entropy of the Survival Curve: An Alternative Measure PDF
Gerry Hill 43 - 57
Redefining the Concept of Immigration in Canada PDF
Margaret Michalowski 59 - 84
Selectivity Among Various Types of Inter-Provincial Migrants, Canada 1976-1981 PDF
Harry Rosenbaum 85 - 106
The Household Structure of Status Indians in Regina and Saskatoon, 1982 PDF
Evelyn Peters 107 - 125
The Census, Demography and Quebec: Some Milestones PDF
Sylvia T. Wargon 127 - 137

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