Vol:19 No.2 (1992)

Table of Contents


Mortality Differentials in Canada by Marital Status PDF
Frank Trovato 111 - 143
A Vanishing Breed: Women with Large Families: Canada in the 1980s PDF
Carl F. Grindstaff 145 - 162
Can Immigration Affect Age Composition When Fertility is Below Replacement? PDF
S. Mitra 163 - 174
Women in the Profession: Universities and Beyond PDf
N. Janet Hagey 177 - 180
Women in Demography in Canada: The 1940's to the Late 1960's PDF
Sylvia T. Wargon 181 - 215
Sex Differences in the Participation, Occupations and Research Interests of Current Members of the Canadian Population Society, 1990 PDF
Margaret L. De Wit 217 - 232

Research Note

Alice in Demographyland: How it Looks From the Other Side of the Looking Glass PDF
Susan A. McDaniel 233 - 239

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