Vol:14 No.1 (1987)

Table of Contents


On estimating the mean birth interval characteristic of women PDF
S. N. Singh, R. C. Yadava, A. Pandey 1 - 8
Status of women; development and demographic change PDF
T. R. Balakrishnan 9 - 25
Childlessness in Ontario and Quebec: results from 1971 and 1981 Census data PDF
K. Vaninadha Rao 27 - 46
An analysis of the first marriage patterns of Canadian women PDF
Gilles Grenier, David E. Bloom, D. Juliet Howland 47 - 68
Transition from traditional high to modern low fertility: Canadian aboriginals PDF
A. Romaniuc 69 - 88
Education, age at marriage or first birth and labour force participation as predictors of parity transitions: an application of discrete multivariate analysis to the study of conditional life table probabilities PDF
Kirsten K. West 89 - 109

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