Vol:10 No. (1983)

Table of Contents


Fertility and Household Status of Older Women in Canada, 1971 PDF
Andrew V. Wister, Thomas K. Burch 1 - 13
Marriage and Marital Fertility: A Further Decomposition of Their Effects in the Study of Levels and Changes in Birth Rate PDF
T. K. Roy, N. Unnikrishnan Nair 15 - 30
Family Planning Communications in Guatemala: A Nationwide Survey PDF
Maria Antonleta Pineda, Jane T. Bertrand, Roberto Santiso G., Leo Morris 31 - 47
Metropolitan Population Deconcentration in Canada, 1941-1976 PDF
Barry Edmonston 49 - 70
Patterns of Internal Migration in the German Democratic Republic PDF
Egon Weber 71 - 84
Toward Achieving Numerical and Methodological Consistency in Developing National and Provincial Projections: Canada’s Experience PDF
M. V. George 85 - 97
Notes from the Impure: A Comment on Ralph Thomlinson’s “Goals and Contents of a Survey Course in Population” PDF
David Allan Rehorick 99 - 103
On the Rapprochement of the Pure and the Impure PDF
Ralph Thomlinson 105 - 108

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