Asian Pacific Diaspora and Contemporary Asian-Canadian Literature
Guest Editors: Peng-xiang Chen & I-Chun Wang

Identity and Subjectivity in Wai-lim Yip’s Poetry
Peng-xiang Chen 235

Needs Deprivation, Female Madness, and the Pre-Oedipal Mother in Li Ang’s The Butcher’s Wife
Patricia Pao Chai Chiang & J.B. Rollins 256

Space and Identity: Hybridization and Boundary Crossing in Sui Sin Far’s Poetics of Diaspora
I-Chun Wang 273

A Tale of Three Cities: Diasporic Writing on the Singapore/Malaysian Homeland in Sydney and Vancouver
Jennifer W. Jay 288

Jewish and Chinese Diasporas
Zhang Longxi 299

Some Reflections on Asian-Canadian Poetry and Culture: Fred Wah, Joy Kogawa, Roy Miki and Others
Jonathan Hart 309

Finding Home in Hou Hsiao Hsien’s The Puppetmaster
Viv Westbrook 320

Writing Sexual Politics From the Margins: Evelyn Lau and Wu He
Terence Russell 329

Recovering the Voice of the Japanese-Canadian Community: Private and Public Discourses in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan and Itsuka
Irene Sywenky 343

ISSN: 1913-9659