Vol 18, No 1, 2 & 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


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The Governor General’s Decision to Prorogue Parliament: A Chronology & Assessment Abstract PDF
Andrew Heard (2009) No 1: 1-11
The Turmoil Surrounding the Prorogation of Canada’s 40th Parliament & the Crown Abstract PDF
Kenneth Munro (2009) No 1: 13-15
The Constitutionality of Prorogation Abstract PDF
Eric Adams (2009) No 1: 17-20
La « crise de la prorogation » vue du Québec Abstract PDF
Frédéric Boily (2009) No 1: 21-31
Canada’s Neglected Tradition of Coalition Government Abstract PDF
James Muir (2009) No 1: 33-36
The Role of the Federal Court in National Security Issues: Balancing the Charter Against Anti-terrorism Measures Abstract PDF
The Hon. Edmond P. Blanchard (2009) No 1: 37-44
Rebuttal to Edmund A. Aunger, “The Constitution of Canada and the Official Status of French in Alberta” Abstract PDF
Ken Munro (2009) No 2: 45-50
Confidence: How Much is Enough? Abstract PDF
Peter Neary (2009) No 2: 51-54
Semi- Presidentialism à la française: the Recent Constitutional Evolution of the “Two-Headed” Executive Abstract PDF
David Marrani (2009) No 2: 55-67
Guiding the Governor General’s Prerogatives: Constitutional Convention Versus an Apolitical Decision Rule Abstract PDF
Bruce Hicks (2009) No 2: 69-77
Canada, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and Universal Periodic Review Abstract PDF
Joanna Harrington (2009) No 2: 79-93
The IOC Made Me Do it: Women’s Ski Jumping, VANOC, and the 2010 Winter Olympics Abstract PDF
Margot Young (2010) No 3: 95-107
Drivers Needed: Tough Choices from Alberta v. Wilson Colony of Hutterian Brethren Abstract PDF
Janet Epp Buckingham (2010) No 3: 109-118
Abdelrazik: Tort Liability for Exercise of Prerogative Powers? Abstract PDF
Erika Chamberlain (2010) No 3: 119-128
A Delicate Balance: Re Charkaoui and the Constitutional Dimensions of Disclosure Abstract PDF
Graham Hudson (2010) No 3: 129-138

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