Vol 17, No 1, 2 & 3 (2008)

Table of Contents


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The European Union’s Trap of Constitutional Politics: From the Convention Towards the Failure of the Treaty of Lisbon Abstract PDF
Arthur Benz (2008) No 1: 1-6
Faith in Rights: the Struggle Over Same- Sex Adoption in the United Kingdom Abstract PDF
Carl F. Stychin (2008) No 1: 7-15
Spain’s Multinational Constitution: a Lost Opportunity? Abstract PDF
Antoni Abad i Ninet, Adrià Rodés Mateu (2008) No 1: 17-24
Upper House Reform in Germany: the Commission for the Modernization of the Federal System Abstract PDF
Taylor Greg (2008) No 1: 25-38
Where did Trudeau go wrong? On the Question of Nationalism and Charter Patriotism in Canada Abstract PDF
Donald Ipperciel (2008) No 2: 39-47
The Constitution Act, 1982 and the Crown: Twenty-Five Years Later Abstract PDF
Kenneth Munro (2008) No 2: 49-57
Les droits linguistiques et la Charte : vingt-cinq années de progression vers l’égalité? Une perspective de l’Ouest canadien Abstract PDF
Michel Doucet (2008) No 2: 59-67
La signification de l’article 23 de la Charte et son étendue aujourd’hui dans les communautés minoritaires francophones : vers une transculturalité réelle Abstract PDF
Paul Dube (2008) No 2: 69-80
Intergovernmental Relations, Legitimacy, and the Atlantic Accords Abstract PDF
Jennifer Smith (2008) No 3: 81-98
Equalization, Regional Development, and Political Trust: The Section 36/Atlantic Accords Controversy Abstract PDF
James Bickerton (2008) No 3: 99-111
Constitutional Change to Address Climate Change and Nonrenewable Energy Use Abstract PDF
Lynn McDonald (2008) No 3: 113-121
The Applicability of Section 7 of the Charter to Oil and Gas Development in Alberta Abstract PDF
Nickie Vlavianos (2008) No 3: 123-127

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