Vol 16, No 1, 2 & 3 (2007)

Table of Contents


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The Challenges of Securing an Open Society Abstract PDF
The Honourable A. Anne McLellan (2007) No 1: 1-14
Charkaoui: Beyond Anti-Terrorism, Procedural Fairness, and Section 7 of the Charter Abstract PDF
James Stribopoulos (2007) No 1: 15-19
Can a Middle Ground be Found on Senate Numbers? Abstract PDF
Bruce M. Hicks (2007) No 1: 21-39
POGG as a Basis for Federal Jurisdiction over Public Health Surveillance Abstract PDF
Sina A. Muscati (2007) No 1: 41-50
The Constitution Act, 1982: the Foreseen and Unforeseen Abstract PDF
Hon. Barry L. Strayer (2007) No 2: 51-61
L’exil intérieur des Québécois dans le Canada de la Charte Abstract PDF
Guy Laforest (2007) No 2: 63-70
Charter Checks and Parliamentary Balances Abstract PDF
Baker Dennis, Rainer Knopff (2007) No 2: 71-78
Sometimes Constitutions are Made in the Streets: the Future of the Charter’s Notwithstanding Clause Abstract PDF
John D. Whyte (2007) No 2: 79-87
The Unlikely Union of Same-Sex Marriage, Polygamy and the Charter in Court Abstract PDF
Matthew Hennigar (2007) No 2: 89-100
Conditions Under Which Québec Prefers a Strong Federal Government, or Why Decentralization is not Necessarily a Good Thing for Québec Abstract PDF
Michel Venne (2007) No 3: 101-105
A Democratic Defence of the Court Challenges Program Abstract PDF
Larissa Kloegman (2007) No 3: 107-115
A Level Playing Field for Classical Liberalism: the Abolition of the Court Challenges Program Empowers a Diversity of Perspectives on Freedom and Equality Abstract PDF
John Carpay (2007) No 3: 117-126
Droits scolaires collectifs en concurrence ou en complémentarité : Langue et religion dans le droit constitutionnel de gestion des écoles de langue française au Canada Abstract PDF
Pierre Foucher (2007) No 3: 127-133
La gestion de la diversité religieuse en milieu scolaire : le modèle « Made in Alberta » Abstract PDF
Natalie Boisvert (2007) No 3: 135-145

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