Vol 5, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

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Medieval rulers in their own right: case studies of Eleanor of Scotland and Mary of Gueldres Abstract PDF
Lynn Atkin
Les changements politiques et psychologiques suscités par la guerre de Corée PDF
Holly Bray
The Complexity of the Galileo Affair PDF
Jesse Carson
Methods of Queenship in Matrimonial Diplomacy: Fifteenth Century Scottish Royal Women Abstract PDF
Meredith Comba
Survivorship and Shame: Tracing the Affective Afterlife of the Holocaust Emily Dutton Abstract PDF
Emily Dutton
The Politicization of Scottish Dress: A Study of Highland Garb Abstract PDF
Victoria Hinderks
Alasdair Mòr mac an Rìgh: A Reassessment of Alexander Stewart’s Political Disposition During the Reign of Robert II of Scotland Abstract PDF
Micahel Ruiter


Victoria Hinderks wins John-Paul Himka Award PDF