Vol 7, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


What's So Special About a Special Issue? PDF
William E. Doll Jr.

Research Articles

Interpreting Embodied Mathematics Using Network Theory: Implications for Mathematics Education Abstract PDF
Elizabeth Mowat, Brent Davis

Invited Responses

Your Metaphor or My Metonymy? Abstract PDF
John H. Mason
The Value of Complexity Abstract PDF
Paul Cilliers
What Does Network Theory Contribute to Theorization of Mathematics Teaching? Abstract PDF
David Kirshner, Stephen Lerman, Thomas E. Ricks
Inspiriting a Disembodying of the "Dream of a Single Logic" Abstract PDF
Dalene M. Swanson
Brought-Forth Possibilities for Attentiveness in the Mathematics Classroom Abstract PDF
Randa Khattar
If Mowat & Davis are Correct then Teaching is Hard Abstract PDF
Kris Green, Bernard Ricca
Mathematics as Complex System: Learning in Complex Adaptive Systems Abstract PDF
Michelle E. Jordan
In the Flesh: Living Growing Conceptual Domains in a Geometry Lesson Abstract PDF
Jennifer S. Thom, Wolff-Michael Roth, Alfredo Bautista
Compliance or Complicity? Abstract PDF
Jean-François Maheux
Mathematics and Metaphor Abstract PDF
Paul Ernest

Open Forum

Join the Conversation: Respond to Elizabeth Mowat & Brent Davis PDF

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