Vol 6, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Limiting Complexity PDF
Deborah Osberg, William E. Doll Jr., Donna Trueit

Research Articles

Supporting Learning: An Examination of Two Teacher Development Collectives Abstract PDF
Xavier Fazio, Tiffany L. Gallagher
Complex Responsive Processes: An Alternative Interpretation of Knowledge, Knowing, and Understanding Abstract PDF
Darren Stanley
Recursive Readings: Chaos, Curriculum, and Walt Whitman in “Specimen Days” Abstract PDF
Karin H. deGravelles
Consciousness and Complexity in “Waking Life” Abstract PDF
Teresa Dobson, Tammy Iftody

Invited Responses

Response to Fazio and Gallagher: Brought Forth in Bringing Forth. The Inter-Actions and Products of a Collective Learning System PDF
Tom Kieren, Elaine Simmt
Response to Stanley: Expanding Complexity: A Meditation Abstract PDF
John St. Julien
Response to deGravelles: Of Grass and Hammers: Transgressive Readings in Curriculum PDF
Phil Bayliss
Response to Dobson and Iftody: A Slacker Darkly? No Interpretation Without Intertextualization Abstract PDF
Noel Gough

Semantic Play and Possibility

Introduction PDF
A Rhizo-Poiesis: Children’s Play(ing) of Games PDF
Marg Sellers
Reflexivity, Validity and Roses PDF
Lorelei Newton


Introduction PDF
On the Edge of Chaos: In Search of a Process Abstract PDF
Carolyn Mamchur, Linda Apps
When Royalty Steps Forth: Role Drama as an Embodied Learning System Abstract PDF
Lynn Fels
Story: A Butterfly? An Attractor? Abstract PDF
Jerry Ameis

Book Reviews

Introduction PDF
A Review of “The Wisdom of Crowds,” by James Surowiecki. Abstract PDF
Thomas E. Ricks
A Review of ”Images of Organization,” by Gareth Morgan. Abstract PDF
Matthew J. Lambert III
A Review of “Complex Responsive Processes in Organizations: Learning and Knowledge Creation,” by Ralph Stacey. Abstract PDF
Cameron D. Norman
A Review of “A Mind So Rare: The Evolution of Human Consciousness,” by Merlin Donald. Abstract PDF
Anoop Gupta
Conversational Labyrinths and Metaphorical Journeys: A Review of “Higher Education Reconceived: A Geography of Change,” by Sherrie Reynolds and Toni Craven. Abstract PDF
M. Jayne Fleener


Craig Newell PDF
The Judgement of Craig Newell PDF
Ian Welsh

ISSN: 17105668