Vol 30, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents


Editorial Abstract PDF
Katy Campbell

Forum / Tribune

Creative Retirement: Survey of Older Adults' Educational Interests and Motivations Abstract PDF
Atlanta Sloane-Seale, Bill Kops


Empowering Untenured Faculty Through Mosaic Mentoring Abstract PDF
Heather Kanuka, Anthony Marini
Designing and Co-Facilitating Online Graduate Classes: Reflections and Recommendations Abstract PDF
Faye Wiesenberg
Knowledge-Based Strategies in Canadian Workplaces: Is there a Role for Continuing Education? Abstract PDF
Jo-Anne Willment, Patti Graham, Heather Mahoney, Andre Mamprin, Bryan Martinuzzi, Susan McDonald, Ruth Rodgers

Book Reviews

Global Peace through the Global University System
Kevin Callahan
Adult Learners in the Academy
Lorraine Carter
Web-Based Training: Creating e-Learning Experiences (2nd ed.)
Linda MacDonald
Finding Our Way: A Guide for Adult Educators
Gerona McGrath
Dimensions of Adult Learning: Adult Education and Training in a Global Era
Timothy Prych
Consortia: International Networking Alliances of Universities
Anu Varsava, Jerry A. Varsava

ISSN: 0318-9090