Vol 43, No 3 (2009)

Special Issue / Numéro spécial

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Ethnic Politics and the Making and Unmaking of Constitutions in Africa.

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Table of Contents


Ethnic Politics and the Making and Unmaking of Constitutions in Africa Abstract PDF
Bruce Berman 441-461
Patrons, Clients, and Constitutions: Ethnic Politics and Political Reform in Kenya Abstract PDF
Bruce Berman, Jill Cottrell, Yash Ghai 461-506
Rewriting Nigerian Federal Constitution: A Prescriptive Argument for a Self-Sustaining Arrangement Abstract PDF
John Boye Ejobowah 507-535
Reforming Multi-level Government in South Africa Abstract PDF
Richard Simeon, Christina Murray 536-571

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Review of Olusoji Adeyi, Phyllis Kanki and Oluwole Odutolu, eds. AIDS in Nigeria: A Nation on the Threshold. Abstract PDF
Oladipo O. Olubomehin 573-576
Review of James R. Brennan, Andrew Burton and Yusuf Lawi, eds. Dar es Salaam: Histories from an Emerging African Metropolis. Abstract PDF
Cleo Cantone 576-579
Review of Bob Brier and Hoyt Hobbs. Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians. Second edition. Abstract PDF
Kathryn Simonsen 580-582
Review of Gwyn Campell, Suzanne Miers and Joseph C. Miller, eds. Women and Slavery. Vol. 1: Africa, the Indian Ocean World, and the Medieval Atlantic and Vol. 2: The Modern Atlantic. Abstract PDF
Emma Christopher 583-587
Review of Niels Fold and Marianne Nylandsted Larsen, eds. Globalization and Restructuring of African Commodity Flows. Abstract PDF
William G. Moseley 588-590
Critique de Les paradoxes de la démocratisation en Afrique par Mamoudou Gazibo. Abstract PDF (Français)
Djamel E. Laouisset 590-593
Review of R. Drew Griffith. Mummy Wheat: Egyptian Influence on the Homeric View of the Afterlife and the Eleusinian Mysteries. Abstract PDF
Dimitri Nakassis 593-596
Review of Jeff Guy. Remembering the Rebellion: The Zulu Uprising of 1906. Abstract PDF
Tim Stapleton 596-598
Review of Patrick Harries. Butterflies and Barbarians: Swiss Missionaries and Systems of Knowledge in South-East Africa. Abstract PDF
Roger B. Beck 598-601
Review of Dagmar Herzog. Sex in Crisis: The New Sexual Revolution and the Future of American Politics. Abstract PDF
Marc Epprecht 602-604
Review of Tabitha Kanogo. African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya: 1900-50. Abstract PDF
Julie MacArthur 604-607
Critique de Travail de mémoire et construction nationale au Mali par Doulaye Konaté. Abstract PDF (Français)
Jan Vansina 607-609
Review of Jon Kraus. Trade Unions and the Coming of Democracy in Africa. Abstract PDF
Piet Konings 609-611
Review of Wangari Maathai. The Challenge for Africa. Abstract PDF
Leah McMillan 611-615
Review of Peter Mackay. We Have Tomorrow: Stirrings in Africa, 1959-1967. Abstract PDF
Joey Power 615-617
Review of Henri Médard and Shane Doyle, eds. Slavery in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa. Abstract PDF
Ralph Austen 617-619
Review of William F. S. Miles, ed. Political Islam in West Africa: State-Society Relations Transformed. Abstract PDF
Cleo Cantone 619-622
Review of William G. Moseley and Leslie Gray, eds. Hanging by a Thread: Cotton, Globalization, and Poverty in Africa. Abstract PDF
Pádraig Carmody 622-624
Review of Elizabeth Schmidt. Cold War and Decolonization in Guinea, 1946- 1958. Abstract PDF
Alexander Keese 625-627
Review of Amadu Sesay. Does One Size Fit All? The Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission Revisited. Abstract PDF
Barry Riddell 627-629

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