Vol 1, No 4 (2011)


Table of Contents

It’s Different in Poland Review
Margret Grebowicz 147-152


Introduction & acknowledgements: Slavic Literatures Across Space and Time Introduction
Iaroslav Pankovskyi 1-7
Carnality and Eroticism in the History of Russian Literature: Toward a Genealogy of a Discourse of Silence Abstract article
Alexei Lalo 8-30
The City as Dialectic: Andrei Bely’s Creative Consciousness, Its Nietzschean Influence, and the Urban Center in Petersburg Abstract article
Sandra Joy Russell 31-46
Formula and “Fixity” in South Slavic Oral Epics: A defense of South Slavic poetic verse against literary accusations of mechanicalism Abstract article
Lai-Tze Fan 47-62
Failures of Domesticity in Contemporary Russian-American Literature: Vapnyar, Krasikov, Ulinich, and Reyn Abstract article
Karen Ryan 63-75
Multiple im/person/aliz/ations: Four Attempts to 'get under the skin' of Poets Abstract article
Tom Priestly 76-90


ACATHISTUS Gratitude to God for Everything Translation
Iaroslav Pankovskyi 91-102


The other Side of the Coin of Lexical Borrowing from Arabic into English Abstract article
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh 103-122
Le «SARS» et les maux identitaires chinois. Néologismes, métissage et tradition de la traduction Abstract article
Florent Villard 123-146

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