Vol 1, No 2 (2009)


In a field where theory has always emerged out of practice, this “curiously placeless place of the translator” (Kelly and Johnston) seems a fertile and not-often-discussed perspective, an approach from the inside-out rather than the more commonly discussed issues of the role of the translator or translation from the outside looking in. Beyond the biographical and anecdotal we invite contributions from translators and translation scholars interested in reflecting upon, as in, looking on or contemplating, in the etymological sense of theory, translation activities. Topics might include, but are not limited to, the translator's particular approach to the other--of respect and awareness of separateness yet communality; the translator's tendency for passive empathy; the layered inter-subjectivity of the translation process; in fact, the "humanist" worldview a translator necessarily holds, consciously or not.

Table of Contents


The Translator’s Art of Failure: Engaging the Other in Imperfect Harmony Abstract Article
Katherine Silver 1-12
Uses of the Imagination: Bilanguaging the Translation of U.S. Latino Poets Abstract Article
Lisa Rose Bradford 13-34
Translating Fictions: The Messenger Was a Medium Abstract Article
Lazer Lederhendler 35-46
A Translator’s Apologia Abstract Article
Anne Malena 47-67
Play for Two Voices: On Translating the Poetry of Anja Utler Abstract Article
Kurt Beals 68-80
Theorizing in the Absence of a Theory:The Case of the Aramaic Targums to the Pentateuch Abstract Article
Simon Lasair 81-92
Interpreters’ Identities: An Exploratory Study of Vietnamese Interpreters in Vietnam Abstract Article
Elisabeth Le, Van Nhan Nguyen, Nathan Ménard 93-116


Le Bureau : Le nouveau mockumentaire d’entreprise francais(e) en question? Abstract Article
C(h)ris Reyns-Chikuma 117-139


Translating Gjergj Fishta's epic masterpiece, Lahuta e Malcis, into English as The Highland Lute Abstract Article
Janice Mathie-Heck 140-145

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