Vol 16, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Hepatotoxic Botanicals - An Evidence-based Systematic Review Abstract PDF
Reem J Abdualmjid, Consolato Sergi 376-404
Carnitine and Sepsis: A Review of an Old Clinical Dilemma Abstract PDF
Shima Hatamkhani, Iman Karimzadeh, Sepideh Elyasi, Shadi Farsaie, Hossein Khalili 414-423
Liquid Dosage Forms Extemporaneously Prepared from Commercially Available Products – Considering New Evidence on Stability Abstract PDF
Alison Haywood, Beverley Dawn Glass 441-455

Pharmaceutical Sciences Original Articles

Evaluation of Renal Adverse Effects of Combination Anti-retroviral Therapy including Tenofovir in HIV-infected Patients Abstract PDF
Hiroyuki Tanaka, Mariko Arai, Yoshinori Tomoda, Tatsuhiko Wada, Kazuo Yago, Mitsutoshi Satoh 405-413
Novel Population Pharmacokinetic Method Compared to the Standard Noncompartmental Approach to Assess Bioequivalence of Iron Gluconate Formulations Abstract PDF
Corinne Seng Yue, Keith Gallicano, Line Labbé, Murray P Ducharme 424-440
Evaluation of Brain Targeting and Mucosal Integrity of Nasally Administrated Nanostructured Carriers of a CNS Active Drug, Clonazepam Abstract PDF
Hend Mohamed Abdel-Bar, Amal Youssef Abdel-Reheem, Gehanne A.S Awad, Nahed Daoud Mortada 456-469
Design and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of a Nano-Enabled Crosslinked Multipolymeric Scaffold for Prolonged Intracranial Release of Zidovudine Abstract PDF
Sheri-Lee Harilall, Yahya E Choonara, Girish Modi, Lomas K Tomar, Charu Tyagi, Pradeep Kumar, Lisa C du Toit, Sunny E Iyuke, Michael P Danckwerts, Viness Pillay 470-485
Diabetes Results in Structural Alteration of Chondroitin Sulfate in the Urine Abstract PDF
Tingting Zhao, Xiaoguang Lu, Neal M Davies, Yuewen Gong, Jingzhen Guo, Haojun Zhang, Zhiguo Li, Jing Hong, Guixiang Fu, Ping Li 486-493
Intracellular Uptake Mechanism of Lutein in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells Abstract PDF
Yuki Sato, Yu Kondo, Masato Sumi, Yoh Takekuma, Mitsuru Sugawara 494-501


Conference 2013: Personalized Medicine & Individualized Drug Delivery. An international symposium held jointly by CSPS and CC-CRS, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 2013 PDF

ISSN: 1482-1826