Vol 15, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

A Systematic Review of in vitro Studies Conducted on Effect of Herbal Products on Secretion of Insulin from Langerhans Islets Abstract PDF
Mohammad Abdollahi, Ozra Tabatabaei-Malazy, Bagher Larijani 447-466

Pharmaceutical Sciences Original Articles

Effect of Inflammation on Molecular Targets and Drug Transporters Abstract PDF
Sherif Hanafy, Ayman O.S. El-Kadi, Fakhreddin Jamali 361-375
Differential Effects of Cyclosporin A and Tacrolimus on Magnesium Influx in Caco2 Cells Abstract PDF
Elodie Gouadon, Florence Lecerf, Michèle German-Fattal 389-398
Impact of Small Molecules Immunosuppressants on P-Glycoprotein Activity and T-cell Function Abstract PDF
Inés Llaudó, Linda Cassis, Joan Torras, Oriol Bestard, Marcel·la Franquesa, Josep M. Cruzado, Gema Cerezo, Esther Castaño, Jordi Petriz, Immaculada Herrero-Fresneda, Josep M. Grinyó, Núria Lloberas 407-419
Fluorescent Fatty Acid Transfer from Bovine Serum Albumin to Phospholipid Vesicles: Collision or Diffusion Mediated Uptake Abstract PDF
Bassam M Elmadhoun, Manal A Swairjo, Frank J Burczynski 420-432
Selection of Suitable Prodrug Candidates for in vivo Studies via in vitro Studies; The Correlation of Prodrug Stability in Between Cell Culture Homogenates and Human Tissue Homogenates Abstract PDF
Yasuhiro Tsume, Gordon L Amidon 433-446
Long-term Stable Cationic Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for the Enhanced Intracellular Delivery of SMAD3 Antisense Oligonucleotides in Activated Murine Macrophages Abstract PDF
Su-Eon Jin, Chong-Kook Kim 467-482

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Influence on Effectiveness of Early Treatment with Anti-TNF Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Abstract PDF
Vicente Escudero-Vilaplana, Esther Ramírez-Herraiz, Nicolás Trovato-López, Estefanía Alañón-Plaza, María José Bellini, Ana Herranz-Alonso, José María Bellón-Cano, Alberto Morell-Baladrón, María Sanjurjo-Sáez 355-360
Association of Angiotensinogen (M235T) Gene Polymorphism with Blood Pressure Lowering Response to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor (Enalapril) Abstract PDF
Kamna Srivastava, Sudhir Chandra, Jagriti Bhatia, Rajiv Narang, Daman Saluja 399-406


The revised EMA guideline for the investigation of bioequivalence for immediate release oral formulations with systemic action Abstract PDF
Roger K Verbeeck, Flora T Musuamba 376-388

ISSN: 1482-1826