Vol 12 (2013)

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Using Qualitative Methods to Assess the Measurement Property of a New HIV Disability Questionnaire Abstract PDF
Kelly K. O'Brien, Tarik Bereket, Marilyn Swinton, Patricia Solomon Canada 1-19
Exploring the Discursive Positioning of a Schizophrenic Inpatient Via Method Triangulation Abstract PDF
Irit Kupferberg, Izhak Gilat, Eyal Dahan, Adiel Doron Israel 20-38
Changing Our Methods and Disrupting the Power Dynamics: National Tests in Third-Grade Classrooms Abstract PDF
Eva Silfver, Gunnar Sjöberg, Anette Bagger Sweden 39-51
Through the Viewfinder: Reflecting on the Collection and Analysis of Classroom Video Data Abstract PDF
Angela Fitzgerald, Mark Hackling, Vaille Dawson Australia 52-64
Privileging Younger Children’s Voices in Research: Use of Drawings and a Co-Construction Process Abstract PDF
Joanna Tay-Lim, Sirene Lim Singapore 65-83
“A Pencil for Your Thoughts”: Participatory Drawing as a Visual Research Method with Children and Youth Abstract PDF
Ioana Literat United States 84-98
Hermeneutics and Human Interplay: A Clinical Caring Science Research Method Abstract PDF
Susan Lindberg, Iréne von Post, Katie Eriksson Sweden , Finland 99-112
A Delicate Balancing Act: Negotiating with Gatekeepers for Ethical Research When Researching Minority Communities Abstract PDF
Ruth McAreavey, Chaitali Das United Kingdom 113-131
Group Meeting Dynamics in a Community-Based Participatory Research Photovoice Project with Exited Sex Trade Workers Abstract PDF
Constance Anne Barlow, Debb Hurlock Canada 132-151
Work-Identity in Ethnographic Research: Developing Field Roles in a Demanding Workplace Setting Abstract PDF
Gunilla Jansson, Zoe Nikolaidou Sweden 152-167
Reconceptualizing the Member Check Interview Abstract PDF
Lori E. Koelsch United States 168-179
Dissolving Dualisms: How Two Positivists Engaged With Non-Positivist Qualitative Methodology Abstract PDF
Carolyn Oliver, Susan Nesbit, Niamh Kelly Canada 180-194
Hermeneutics as Embodied Existence Abstract PDF
Marja Schuster Sweden 195-206
Towards a Critical Occupational Approach to Research Abstract PDF
Janet Njelesani, Barbara E. Gibson, Stephanie Nixon, Debra Cameron, Helene J. Polatajko Canada 207-220
Conceptualizing Autoethnography as Assemblage: Accounts of Occupational Therapy Practice Abstract PDF
Sally Denshire, Alison Lee Australia 221-236
Object-Interviews: Folding, Unfolding, and Refolding Perceptions of Objects Abstract PDF
Susan Naomi Nordstrom United States 237-257
Stories Rather Than Surveys: A Journey of Discovery and Emancipation Abstract PDF
Elizabeth Kendall, Catherine A. Marshall, Lauraine Barlow Australia , United States 258-271
Reflections from a Creative Community-Based Participatory Research Project Exploring Health and Body Image with First Nations Girls Abstract PDF
Jennifer M. Shea, Jennifer Poudrier, Roanne Thomas, Bonnie Jeffery, Lenore Kiskotagan Canada 272-293
Collage Portraits as a Method of Analysis in Qualitative Research Abstract PDF
Paula Gerstenblatt United States 294-309
“It was Fun”: An Evaluation of Sand Tray Pictures, an Innovative Visually Expressive Method for Researching Children’s Experiences with Nature Abstract PDF
Cara D. Linzmayer, Elizabeth A. Halpenny Canada 310-337
Situational Factors in Focus Group Studies: A Systematic Review Abstract PDF
Arne Orvik, Lillebeth Larun, Astrid Berland, Karin C. Ringsberg Norway 338-358
Data Display in Qualitative Research Abstract PDF
Susana Verdinelli, Norma I. Scagnoli United States 359-381
The Integrated Use of Audio Diaries, Photography, and Interviews in Research with Disabled Young Men Abstract PDF
Barbara E. Gibson, Bhavnita Mistry, Brett Smith, Karen K. Yoshida, David Abbott, Sally Lindsay, Yani Hamdani Canada 382-402
Location and Unlocation: Examining Gender and Telephony through Autoethnographic Textual and Visual Methods Abstract PDF
Lia Bryant, Mona Livholts Australia , Sweden 403-419
Recording the Personal: The Benefits in Maintaining Research Diaries for Documenting the Emotional and Practical Challenges of Fieldwork in Unfamiliar Settings Abstract PDF
Brendan Ciaran Browne Ireland 420-435
Bridging Conceptions of Quality in Moments of Qualitative Research Abstract PDF
Michael John Ravenek, Debbie Laliberte Rudman Canada 436-456
Altered Inquiry: Discovering Arts-Based Research Through an Altered Book Abstract PDF
Gioia Chilton United States 457-477
Space, Time, and Reflexive Interviewing: Implications for Qualitative Research with Active, Incarcerated, and Former Criminal Offenders Abstract PDF
Steven Downing, Katherine Polzer, Kristine Levan Canada , United States 478-497
Navigating the Terrain of Lived Experience: The Value of Lifeworld Existentials For Reflective Analysis Abstract PDF
Stephanie Rich, Melissa Graham, Ann Taket, Julia Shelley Australia 498-510
“Would You Decide to Keep the Power?”: Reflexivity on the Interviewer–Interpreter–Interviewee Triad in Interviews with Female Punjabi Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Abstract PDF
Tessa Sanderson, Kanta Kumar, Laura Serrant-Green United Kingdom 511-528
Reflections on the Use of Grounded Theory to Uncover Patterns of Exclusion in an Online Discussion Forum at an Institution of Higher Education Abstract PDF
Louise Postma, Anita Seugnet Blignaut, Karen Swan, Erkki A. Sutinen South Africa United States 529-550
Questioning the Meaningfulness of Rigour in Community-Based Research: Navigating a Dilemma Abstract PDF
Bethan C. Kingsley, Sherry Ann Chapman Canada 551-569
Managing Ethical Problems in Qualitative Research Involving Vulnerable Populations, Using a Pilot Study Abstract PDF
Evalina van Wijk, Tracie Harrison South Africa , United States 570-586
Transnational Institutional Ethnography: Tracing Text and Talk Beyond State Boundaries Abstract PDF
Daniel Grace Canada 587-605
Interviewing Ghanaian Educational Elites: Strategies for Access, Commitment, and Engagement Abstract PDF
Hope Pius Nudzor Ghana 606-623
Use of Participant-Generated Photographs Versus Time Use Diaries as a Method of Qualitative Data Collection Abstract PDF
MaryEllen Thompson, Abigail Oelker United States 624-637
Challenges of Learning to Write Qualitative Research: Students’ Voices Abstract PDF
Fei Wang China 638-651
Employing Questionnaires in terms of a Constructivist Epistemological Stance: Reconsidering Researchers’ Involvement in the Unfolding of Social Life Abstract PDF
Norma Ruth Arlene Romm South Africa 652-669
Beyond Words: Using Nonverbal Communication Data in Research to Enhance Thick Description and Interpretation Abstract PDF
Magdalena A. Denham, Anthony John Onwuegbuzie United States 670-696

Conference Abstracts

Advances in Qualitative Methods 2013, Conference Abstracts: Presentations PDF
Advances in Qualitative Methods 2013, Conference Abstracts: Symposiums PDF
Advances in Qualitative Methods 2013, Conference Abstracts: Posters PDF
Qualitative Health Research 2013, Conference Abstracts: Presentations PDF
Qualitative Health Research 2013, Conference Abstracts: Symposiums PDF
Qualitative Health Research 2013, Conference Abstracts: Posters PDF

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