Vol 11, No 5 (2012)

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Diagrams and Relational Maps: The Use of Graphic Elicitation Techniques with Interviewing for Data Collection, Analysis, and Display Abstract PDF
Andrea J. Copeland, Denise E. Agosto United States 513-533
Systematic Data Integration—A Method for Combined Analyses of Field Notes and Interview Texts Abstract PDF
Anita Strøm, May Solveig Fagermoen Norway 534-546
A Hunch Without a Sound: Co-Constructing Meanings of Nonverbal and Verbal Interactions in Video Data Abstract PDF
Mindy J. Hopper, Sandra Quiñones United States 547-572
Developing the Therapeutic Use of Self in the Health Care Professional Through Autoethnography: Working With the Borderline Personality Disorder Population Abstract PDF
Kimberly Ann Jones Canada 573-584
Autoethnography as a Genre of Qualitative Research: A Journey Inside Out Abstract PDF
Amani Hamdan Canada 585-606
An Analytic Glossary to Social Inquiry Using Institutional and Political Activist Ethnography Abstract PDF
Laura Bisaillon Canada 607-627
Shifting Positionalities: A Critical Discussion of a Duoethnographic Inquiry of a Personal Curriculum of Post/Colonialism Abstract PDF
Richard D. Sawyer, Tonda Liggett United States 628-651
Understanding the Language, the Culture, and the Experience: Translation in Cross-Cultural Research Abstract PDF
Jaeyoung Choi, Kaysi Eastlick Kushner, Judy Mill, Daniel W. L. Lai Canada 652-665
Task-Diaries: A Valuable Qualitative Tool for Occupational Health Research on Teacher Workloads Abstract PDF
Julia Temple Newhook Canada 666-683
Examining the Nexus Between Grounded Theory and Symbolic Interactionism Abstract PDF
P. Jane Milliken, Rita Schreiber Canada 684-696

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Qualitative Health Research 2012, Conference Abstracts: Presentations PDF
Qualitative Health Research 2012, Conference Abstracts: Symposiums PDF
Qualitative Health Research 2012, Conference Abstracts: Posters PDF

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