Vol 11, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents


Planning for Spontaneity: The Challenges of Disaster Communication Fieldwork Abstract PDF
J. Suzanne Horsley United States 180-194
Translating Faith: Field Narratives as a Means of Dialogue in Collaborative Ethnographic Research Abstract PDF
Eve Gregory, Vally Lytra, Arani Ilankuberan, Halimun Choudhury, Malgorzata Woodham United Kingdom 195-213
Hermeneutics as Research Approach: A Reappraisal Abstract PDF
Graham McCaffrey, Shelley Raffin-Bouchal, Nancy J. Moules Canada 214-229
In-Depth Interviewing with Healthcare Corporate Elites: Strategies for Entry and Engagement Abstract PDF
Ellen F. Goldman, Susan Swayze United States 230-243
Management of a Large Qualitative Data Set: Establishing Trustworthiness of the Data Abstract PDF
Debbie Elizabeth White, Nelly D. Oelke, Steven Friesen Canada 244-258
Ethnonursing: A Qualitative Research Method for Studying Culturally Competent Care Across Disciplines Abstract PDF
Marilyn R. McFarland, Sandra J. Mixer, Hiba Wehbe-Alamah, Renee Burk United States 259-279
Computer-Assisted, Self-Interviewing (CASI) Compared to Face-to-Face Interviewing (FTFI) with Open-Ended, Non-Sensitive Questions Abstract PDF
John Robert Fairweather, Tiffany Rinne, Gary Steel New Zealand 280-291
Researching From a Distance: Using Live Web Conferencing to Mediate Data Collection Abstract PDF
David Matthew Glassmeyer, Rebecca-Anne Dibbs United States 292-302

ISSN: 1609-4069