Vol 13 (2014)

Table of Contents


Using the Delphi Method for Qualitative, Participatory Action Research in Health Leadership Abstract PDF
Amber J. Fletcher, Gregory P. Marchildon Canada 1-18
Doing Sensitive Research Sensitively: Ethical and Methodological Issues in Researching Workplace Bullying Abstract PDF
Declan Fahie Ireland 19-36
Generic Qualitative Approaches: Pitfalls and Benefits of Methodological Mixology Abstract PDF
Renate Kahlke Canada 37-52
Integrating Metatheory to Enhance Qualitative Interviewing: A Safety Campaign Exemplar Abstract PDF
Marifran Mattson, Emily Joy Haas United States 53-70
The Validity of Divergent Grounded Theory Method Abstract PDF
Martin Nils Amsteus Sweden 71-87
Emotional Intelligence and the Qualitative Researcher Abstract PDF
Christopher S. Collins, Joanne E. Cooper United States 88-103
Epistemological Shudders as Productive Aporia: A Heuristic for Transformative Teacher Learning Abstract PDF
Jennifer Charteris Australia 104-121
Breathing in the Mud: Tensions in Narrative Interviewing Abstract PDF
Rosanne E. Beuthin Canada 122-134
A Qualitative Methodology for Minority Language Media Production Research Abstract PDF
Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed Colombia 135-150
Qualitative Research in an International Research Program: Maintaining Momentum while Building Capacity in Nurses Abstract PDF
Judy Mill, Colleen Davison, Solina Richter, Josephine Etowa, Nancy Edwards, Eulalia Kahwa, Miriam Walusimbi, Jean Harrowing Canada 151-169
Photo-Elicitation with Autodriving in Research with Individuals with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease: Advantages and Challenges Abstract PDF
Lynn Shell United States 170-184
“I Just Don’t Think There’s Any Other Image That Tells The Story Like [This] Picture Does”: Researcher and Participant Reflections on the Use of Participant-Employed Photography in Social Research Abstract PDF
Meridith Burles, Roanne Thomas Canada 185-205
Avoiding Pitfalls and Realising Opportunities: Reflecting on Issues of Sampling and Recruitment for Online Focus Groups Abstract PDF
Nicola Boydell, Gillian Fergie, Lisa McDaid, Shona Hilton United Kingdom 206-223
Facebook Ethnography: The Poststructural Ontology of Transnational (Im) migration Research Abstract PDF
David Joseph Piacenti, Luis Balmore Rivas, Josef Garrett United States 224-236
Writing from the Margins of Myself Abstract PDF
Luci Gorell Barnes United Kingdom 237-254
Let’s Play It Safe: Ethical Considerations from Participants in a Photovoice Research Project Abstract PDF
Karin Hannes, Oksana Parylo Belgium 255-274
An African American Mother’s Stories as T.M.I.: Ethics and Vulnerability around Traumatic Narratives in Digital Literacy Research Abstract PDF
Tisha Y. Lewis Ellison United States 275-292
Dialogical principles for qualitative inquiry: a nonfoundational path Abstract PDF
Marlei Pozzebon, Charo Rodriguez, Maira Petrini Canada 293-317
So You Really Want to Interview Me?: Navigating “Sensitive” Qualitative Research Interviewing Abstract PDF
Winsome Chunnu Brayda, Travis D. Boyce United States 318-334
Synergy Among Multiple Methodologies: Investigating Parents’ Distress After Preterm Birth Abstract PDF
Molly R Altman, Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, Roxanne Vandermause United States 335-346
Studying ‘Mixed Race’: Reflections on Methodological Practice Abstract PDF
Jillian Paragg Canada 347-361

ISSN: 1609-4069