Vol 34, No 4 (2008)

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Readers' Forum

Then, Now, and Next PDF
Heather Murray 1-3
An Idealized State of Mind PDF
Noreen Golfman 4-6
The Rise of English, eh? PDF
Matt Kavanagh 7-10
Activist Academe, Then and Now PDF
Linda Hutcheon 11-13
Smaro Kamboureli 14-17
Why do I have to dance like that? ACCUTE and the Performance of Optimism PDF
T.L. Cowan 18-20
ACUTE: The First Twenty-Five Years, 1957–1982 PDF
Marjorie Garson 21-43


Materiality, Intentionality, and the Computer-Generated Poem: Reading Walter Benn Michaels with Erin Mouré’s Pillage Laud Abstract PDF
Lori Emerson 45-69
Promoting “a community of thoughtful men and women”: Anarchism in Robert Duncan’s Ground Work Volumes Abstract PDF
Andy Weaver 71-95
The Notebook and the Gun: Performative Witnessing in Goodness Abstract PDF
Jenn Stephenson 97-121
Working from the Violent Centre: Survival Sex Work and Urban Aboriginality in Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed Abstract PDF
Shawna Ferris 123-145
Epistemic Encounters: Indigenous Cosmopolitan Hospitality, Marxist Anthropology, Deconstruction, and Doris Pilkington’s Rabbit-Proof Fence Abstract PDF
Julia Emberley 147-170

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Various Authors 171-190

ISSN: 1913-4835