Vol 31, No 2 (2005)

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Readers' Forum

Introduction Feminism . . . What are we supposed to do now? PDF
Cecily Devereux, Jo Devereux 9-11
Possibilities of Life: My Women's Movement PDF
Jeanne Perreault 12-16
In Pursuit of Feminist Postfeminism and the Blessings of Buttercup PDF
Teresa Hubel 17-21
Of Bombs, Baking, and Blahniks PDF
Lauren Gillingham, Jennifer Henderson, Julie Murray, Janice Schroeder 22-30
Twenty-first Century Global Sex Trafficking: Migration, Capitalism, Class, and the Challenges for Feminism Now PDF
Marjorie Stone 31-38
“Perestroika in the Groves of Academe”: Feminism and the Future of the Humanities as a Profession PDF
Archana Rampure 39-43
“We Who Are Not the Same” in Times that Are/Not the Same PDF
Donna Palmateer Pennee 44-50
Feminism? PDF
Collective Janet 51-68


Introduction: Diagnosing Romanticism PDF
Stephen Ahern 69-76
The Paradox of Effeminized Masculinity and the Crisis of Authorship PDF
Lisa Butler 77-98
Speaking of Godwin’s Caleb Williams: The Talking Cure and the Psychopathology of Enlightenment PDF
Joel Faflak 99-122
Hetty's Hanky PDF
Douglas Kneale 123-150
"The Soul of Art": Understanding Victorian Ethical Criticism PDF
Rohan Maitzen 151-186
“Morpho Eugenia” and the Fictions of Victorian Englishness: A.S. Byatt's Poscolonial Critique PDF
Michelle Weinroth 187-222
Estranging the Familiar: East and West in Satrapi's Perespolis PDF
Nima Naghibi, Andrew O’Malley 223-248
Memory’s Homeland: Agha Shahid Ali and the Hybrid Ghazal PDF
Malcom Woodland 249-272


Demetres Tryphonopoulos interviewing Leon Surette: “With usura hath no man a house of good stone” (Pound, Canto 45) PDF
Demetres Tryphonopoulos, Leon Surette 273-292

Review Articles

Literary London: Post-, Ex-, Trans-, Neo-? PDF
Roger Luckhurst 293-306
Faking it for Real PDF
Maria Takolander 307-326

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Book Reviews 327-362

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