Vol 30, No 3 (2004)

Table of Contents

Readers' Forum

Determination, Determinations, and Dissemination PDF
Len Findlay 1-3
Remapping Writing: Indigenous Writing and Cultural Conflict in Brazil PDF
Lynn Mario Trinidade Menezes de Souza 4-16
Framing “Always Indigenize” beyond the Settler-Colony: “Indigenizing” in India PDF
Paulomi Chakraborty 17-28
“Indigenize” as Concept and Practice: A Post-NAFTA North-South Mexico Example PDF
Rosemary Hennessy 29-38


Trickster Ethics, Richler and King Fiddling PDF
David Heinimann 39-56
Salvaging Sound at Last Sight: Marius Barbeau and the Anthropological “Rescue” of Nass River Indians PDF
Pauline Wakeham 57-88
Genre and Gender: Autobiography and Self-Representation in The Diviners PDF
Brenda Beckman-Long 89-110
Quotation and Self-Fashioning in Margaret Paston’s Household Letters PDF
Valerie Creelman 111-128
“The crow on the crematorium chimney”: Germany, Summer 1945 PDF
John Xiros Cooper 129-144
Exchanging Ghosts: Haunting, History, and Communism in Native Son PDF
George C. Grinnell 145-174

Review Articles

Re/Joycean Mistakes, Misprisions, and Modernist Contexts PDF
Suzette Henke 175-188

Book Reviews

G. Glen Wickens. Thomas Hardy, Monism, and the Carnival Tradition: The One and the Many in The Dynasts. PDF
Jo Devereux 189-192
Brad Bucknell. Literary Modernism and Musical Aesthetics: Pater, Pound, Joyce, and Stein. PDF
Brian Reed 192-196
Roger Y. Clark. Stranger Gods: Salman Rushdie’s Other Worlds. PDF
Neil ten Kortenaar 196-199
Rowland Smith, ed. Postcolonizing the Commonwealth: Studies in Literature and Culture. PDF
Arun Mukherjee 199-204
Anthony J. Hall. The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl with One Spoon. PDF
Diana Brydon 204-207
Joseph Bristow, ed. Wilde Writings: Contextual Conditions. PDF
Sarika P. Bose 208-212
Maureen Moynagh, ed. Nancy Cunard: Essays on Race and Empire. PDF
Holly McSpadden 212-215
John Galvin, ed. Dickens on Screen. PDF
Goldie Morgentaler 215-218
Anne Lancashire. London Civic Theatre: City Drama and Pageantry from Roman Times to 1558. PDF
Jennifer Wise 218-222

ISSN: 1913-4835