Vol 30, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents

Readers' Forum

On the Practical “Untidiness” of “Always Indigenizing” PDF
Cheryl Suzack 1-3
The Importance of Hawaiian Language Sources for Understanding the Hawaiian Past PDF
Noenoe K. Silva 4-12
Linda C. and the Terrors of the Rabbit-Proof Fence PDF
Cathryn McConaghy 13-20
On Infinite Decolonization PDF
Alberto Moreiras 21-28
Indigeneity, Colonialism, and Literary Studies: A “Transdisciplinary, Oppositional Politics of Reading” PDF
Shari Huhndorf 29-38
Intent for a Nation PDF
Len Findlay 39-48


“Injoying of true joye the most, and best”: Desire and the Sonnet Sequences of Lady Mary Wroth and Adrienne Rich PDF
Madeline Bassnett 49-66
Death and the Married Maiden: Performing Gender in The Broken Heart PDF
Roberta Barker 67-89
“We who have been bred upon Sir Walter”: Margaret Oliphant, Sir Walter Scott, and Women’s Literary History PDF
Pam Perkins 90-104
Occupations and Preoccupations: Work in Ulysses PDF
Rob Breton 105-128
Discovering Lily Lewis: A Canadian Journalist and New Woman PDF
Peggy Martin 129-150
Living Dada PDF
Paul Hjartarson 151-160

Book Reviews

E. D. Blodgett. Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in Canada. PDF
Tracy Ware 161-165
Helen M. Buss, D. L. Macdonald, and Anne McWhir, eds. Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley: Writing Lives. PDF
Anthony John Harding 165-169
Herb Wyile. Speculative Fictions: Contemporary Canadian Novelists and the Writing of History. PDF
Ajay Heble 170-172
John G. Peters. Conrad and Impressionism. PDF
Philip Holden 172-175
Kevin Hutchings. Imagining Nature: Blake’s Environmental Poetics. PDF
Mark Lussier 176-178
Reinhold Kramer and Tom Mitchell. Walk Towards the Gallows: The Tragedy of Hilda Blake, Hanged 1899. PDF
Ann Leger-Anderson 178-182
Jan Gorak, ed. Northrop Frye on Modern Culture (“The Collected Works of Northrop Frye” volume 11). PDF
Joe Velaidum 182-183
Len M. Findlay and Paul M. Bidwell, eds. Pursuing Academic Freedom: “Free and Fearless”? PDF
Mervyn Nicholson 184-186
Ric Knowles, Joanne Tompkins and W. B. Worthen, eds. Modern Drama: Defining the Field. PDF
Jerry Wasserman 187-189


Colophon PDF
English Studies in Canada 190-191

ISSN: 1913-4835