Vol 30, No 1 (2004)

Table of Contents


Archiving “Archiving” PDF
Michael O'Driscoll, Edward Bishop 1-16
Archiving Hate: Lynching Postcards at the Limit of Social Circulation PDF
Mark Simpson 17-38
Archiving the Potentialities of Events PDF
Dag Petersson 39-50
Discursive Events in the Electronic Archive of Postmodern and Contemporary Poetry PDF
Louis Cabri 51-72
Speed, Motorcycles and the Archive PDF
Katherine Sutherland 73-85
The Yaddo Records: How An Institutional Archive Reveals Creative Insights PDF
Ben Alexander 86-100
From “The Offal of the Magazine Trade” to “Absolutely Priceless”: Considering the Canadian Pulp Magazine Collection PDF
Michelle Smith 101-116
Romps with Ransom’s King: Fans, Collectors, Academics, and the M. P. Shiel Archives PDF
Kirsten MacLeod 117-136
When Did Modernism Begin? Formulating Boundaries in the Modern Anthology PDF
Leonard Diepeveen 137-156

ISSN: 1913-4835