Vol 29, No 1 (2003)

Table of Contents

Readers' Forum

Editor’s Introduction PDF
Jo-Ann Wallace 1-5
The New and the Noteworthy and the Making of a Civil Society PDF
Patricia Badir, Sandra Tomc 7-16
What’s Left of the Dialectic? A Polemic PDF
Nicholas Brown, Imre Szeman 17-24
Queer Today, Gone Tomorrow PDF
Steven Bruhm 25-32
Why Indeed Must Anything Be Left of English Studies? PDF
Clara A. B. Joseph 33-43
Renewing the Fire: Notes Toward the Liberation of English Studies PDF
Daniel Heath Justice 45-54
Of Writing Machines and Scholar-Gipsies PDF
Christopher Keep 55-66
The Simulation of Academic Crisis; Or, Chicken Little Rules the Roost PDF
Julia M. Wright 85-96
What’s Been Lost PDF
Trevor Ross 67-76
Restraining Order PDF
Eric Savoy 77-84


Toronto, Capital of Ukraine: the Ends of Desire and the Beginning of History in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s The Green Library PDF
Peter Roman Babiak 97-130
Living at the Turning Point of the World: Stoppard and Wilde PDF
Wilhelm Emilsson 131-148
“Trust Me”: Responding to the Threat of Writing in Chorus of Mushrooms PDF
Steve McCullough 149-170
Genre and Cultural Disruption: Libertinism and the Early English Novel PDF
Tiffany Potter 171-196
The Battlegrounds of Theory PDF
Brian Edwards 197-205
Lament for a Notion PDF
Stephen Slemon 207-218
Hot Affects, Cold Theory PDF
Anna-Lize Berry 219-234

Book Reviews

Douglas H. Parker, ed. William Roye’s An exhortation to the diligent studye of scripture and An exposition in to the seventh chaptre of the pistle to the Corinthians. PDF
David Gay 235-237
Douglas H. Parker and Bruce Krajewski , eds. William Roye’s A Brefe Dialoge bitwene a Christen Father and his stobborne Sonne: the First Protestant Catechism Published in English. PDF
Ian Cameron 238-240
Armand Garnet Ruffo, ed. (Ad)dressing Our Words: Aboriginal Perspectives on Aboriginal Literatures. PDF
Renate Eigenbrod 240-242
Peter Duthie, ed. Joanna Baillie’s Plays on the Passions (1798). PDF
Joel Faflak 242-246
Gerald Lynch, The One and the Many: English-Canadian Short Story Cycles. PDF
Janice Fiamengo 247-249
JoAnn McCaig. Reading In: Alice Munro’s Archives. PDF
Klaus P. Stich 249-252
Bruce Stovel and Lynn Weinlos Gregg, eds. The Talk in Jane Austen. PDF
Peter Sabor 252-255
Kristen Guest, ed. Eating Their Words: Cannibalism and the Boundaries of Cultural Identity. PDF
Priscilla L. Walton 255-258
M. Elizabeth Sargent and Garry Watson, eds. Approaches to Teaching the Works of D. H. Lawrence. PDF
Keith Wilson 258-261
Colophon PDF
ESC English Studies in Canada 262-264

ISSN: 1913-4835