Vol 37, No 3-4 (2011)

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Readers' Forum

Introduction: Academic Rites of Passage PDF
Michael O'Driscoll 1-2
The Quiet Rites and Riotous Hopes of a Graduate Student PDF
Heather Jessup 3-7
The Right to Pass: Unblocking the Passage from Student to Doctor PDF
Charn Jagpal 8-12
Schooled! PDF
Eric Savoy 13-16
Come Back to the Ranks Ag’in, Huck Honey! PDF
Jo-Ann Wallace 17-20
Passing Among PDF
Frank Davey 21-23


The Traumatic Realism of Christopher Marlowe’s The Massacre at Paris Abstract PDF
Mathew R. Martin 25-39
“My Poor Mistress”: Marital Cruelty in The History of Mary Prince Abstract PDF
Suzanne Rintoul 41-60
Zong!’s “Should we?”: Questioning the Ethical Representation of Trauma Abstract PDF
Veronica Austen 61-81
“Community, Identity, Stability”: The Scientific Society and the Future of Religion in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Abstract PDF
Brad Congdon 83-105
Heirs, Apparently: Nation-Building in Isabella Valancy Crawford’s Winona Abstract PDF
Dale Alexandra Tracy 107-121
When Mounties were Modern Kitsch: The Serial Seductions of Renfrew of the Mounted Abstract PDF
Candida Rifkind 123-146
HP Sauce and the Hate Literature of Pop Art: bill bissett in the House of Commons Abstract PDF
Ryan J. Cox 147-161
Verglas: Narrative Technique in Anne Carson’s “The Glass Essay” Abstract PDF
Ian Rae 163-186

Review Articles

Shakespeare and the Domestic: Geraldo U. de Sousa’s At Home in Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Frederic B. Tromly’s Fathers and Sons in Shakespeare: The Debt Never Promised Abstract PDF
Rhonda Arab 187-200
The “New-Formed Leaves” of Juvenilia Press PDF
Natasha Duquette 201-218
“A Comic Epic-Poem in Prose”: A Half Century of Engaging Northrop Frye’s Canadian Criticism Abstract PDF
Adam Carter 219-234

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Various Authors 235-249

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