Vol 35, No 4 (2009)

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Readers' Forum

Introduction - Pro/Con/fessionals: (Re)defining Ourselves and the Profession PDF
Kit Dobson, Jason Haslam 1-2
Defining Professionalism: Newman Then and Now PDF
Len Findlay 3-6
Infinite Hope—and for Us; or, Come on in, the Real World is Fine PDF
Kel Morin-Parsons 7-10
Hopelessly Witty or Witless Hope: Notes from lta Land PDF
Erin Wunker 11-14
Labour as Gift: Gift Economies in the Neoliberal University Abstract PDF
Dave Gaertner 15-18
The Last Assistant Professor: Professionalization and the Non-academic Job Market PDF
Christopher Keep 19-22
Career Opportunities PDF
Nicholas Bradley 23-26
Disciplinary Literacy PDF
Margery Fee 27-30


The Parable of a Village in Decline: Duncan Campbell Scott’s In the Village of Viger and the Politics of Community Abstract PDF
Linda Michelle Morra 31-51
Memory Against History: Figuring the Past in Cloud of Bone Abstract PDF
Fiona Polack 53-69
Remounting, Remembering: Gendered Memorials and Colleen Wagner’s The Monument Abstract PDF
Moberley Luger 74-93
“Not Quite Ethiopian, But Not At All English”: Ethnography, Hybridity, and Diaspora in Camilla Gibb’s Sweetness in the Belly Abstract PDF
Hannah McGregor 95-115

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Various Authors 117-144

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