Vol 35, No 2-3 (2009)

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Readers' Forum

Introduction: Academic Fashion PDF
Cecily Devereux, Michael O'Driscoll 1-4
Academic Fashion: An Oxymoron? Abstract PDF
Heather Zwicker 5-9
Academic Fashion: System and Practice PDF
Christopher Keep 10-13
The Plaid Shirts in My Closet PDF
Benjamin Lefebvre 14-17
Re-Fashioning the Architectonics of Gender PDF
Lucas Crawford 18-23
Smarty Pants PDF
Nicholas Nixon 24-27


The Robberies of Chaucer Abstract PDF
David R. Carlson 29-54
“The glass, the school, the book”: The Anatomy of Melancholy and the Early Stuart University of Oxford Abstract PDF
Emily Anglin 55-76
Converting the Church: Richard Rodriguez and the Browning of Catholicism Abstract PDF
Madeline Walker 77-103
Of Wandering Wombs and Wrongs of Women: Evolving Conceptions of Hysteria in the Age of Reason Abstract PDF
Heather Meek 105-128
Hesitating Readers: When The Turn of the Screw Meets Disgrace in the Classroom Abstract PDF
Laura Moss 129-144
End in Tears: Understanding Grief and Loss in D’Arcy McNickle’s The Surrounded Abstract PDF
January Lim 145-164
Rocking Cosmopolitanism: Don McKay, Strike/Slip, and the Implications of Geology Abstract PDF
Jesse Patrick Ferguson 165-187

Review Articles

Some Self-Refl ections on Colonialism and Postcolonialism PDF
Paul Matthew St Pierre 189-199

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Various Authors 201-245

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