Vol 37, No 1 (2011)

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Introduction: "Where are we now?": Negotiating a Changing Model of the University PDF
Neta Gordon 1-3
The Death of the Graduate Student (and the Birth of the hqp) PDF
Robert Zacharias 4-8
How Much is Too Much?: Obligation, Ambition, and Coercion in the Sessional Contract PDF
Adam Beardsworth 9-12
“Haven’t we heard this all before?”: Contingent Faculty and the Unchanging Times PDF
Veronica J. Austen 13-16
Looking for Autonomy through Service PDF
Donna Palmateer Pennee 17-20
Who’s Doing the Work, and Whose Work are We Doing? PDF
Heather Murray 21-24
Adam/Stephanie Beardsworth/McKenzie 25-29


Testing Relation: Breaking and Balancing Testimonies of Prisoner, Slave, and Holocaust Survivor in Caryl Phillips’s Higher Ground Abstract PDF
Nadine Flagel 31-61
“Holo what?” or, The Exceptional Business of Naming: A Dialogue Abstract PDF
Mareike Neuhaus 63-84
Wooden Reels and the Maintenance of Virtual Life: Gaming and the Death Drive in a Digital Age Abstract PDF
Jeffrey Douglas 85-106
Typological Realism in Contemporary Evangelical Fiction: Tragedy, Eternity, and The Shack Abstract PDF
Kenneth Paradis 107-133

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Various Authors 135-160

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